Thursday, October 3, 2013

Steps To Set Favorite Keys On A Microsoft 4000 Laser Keyboard

The Microsoft 4000 laser keyboard is a virtual keyboard which works by creating a QWERTY keyboard with the help of laser beams. The light is projected from a base unit and the keyboard can be connected to the computer using a USB device or Bluetooth. These keyboards, including the 4000 Laser, comprise of a special set of My Favorites buttons, which are used to open the applications or your favorite websites with one keystroke.
You can always download the latest version of the Microsoft Keyboard by installing the IntelliPoint and IntelliType drivers from Microsoft’s official website. However, these keys do not have any programs or web pages assigned to them, and those that are have been set as a default option. The user has the option to customize the Favorite keys on the Microsoft Keyboard. For this, they need to use the Microsoft Keyboard application that was installed in the computer when he/she first used the keyboard.
You can follow these simple instructions to set your favorite keys on your Microsoft 4000 laser keyboard, by accessing the Microsoft support page.
  • In the first step, open the Microsoft Keyboard application. Select All Programs from the Start menu. You would see a list of all the programs installed in your computer. Now, search and select the Microsoft Keyboard option from the Microsoft Keyboard menu item.
  • Once you select the option from the list of programs, click on the Key Settings tab in the Microsoft Keyboard window. Now, select the Favorite key you want to program, and click the Edit button. You can also check the Microsoft support page to get more information on assigning the favorite keys.
  • After clicking the Edit option, type the path to the application or website you want the button to launch when pressed. Alternately, you can also click the Browse button to navigate your computer for a program, file, or application you want to launch, when you press the button. At any point of time, you can also contact the Microsoft tech support to get assistance.
  • Now, click Finish to program the key and then press OK to close the Microsoft Keyboard and save your changes. Before closing the programs, it is better to recheck if you have assigned the same favorite keys.
  • Once your changes have been saved, the Favorite key will launch the program you assigned to it.
You can follow this set of simple instructions to set up your Favorite keys on a Microsoft 4000 laser keyboard.

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