Sunday, January 26, 2014

Remove Yahoo Toolbar And Increase Your Internet Browsing Speed

Yahoo toolbar is a browser add-on installed in your computer, which you can utilize to gain access to different services from Yahoo, with the simple click of a button. Yahoo toolbar has different buttons in it; from social networking sites to weather forecast. The mail icon in the toolbar lets you find out if you have received any new emails on your Yahoo account, without logging in to your email account.
Even though these features are very handy, you will find your internet browser running slow once you install Yahoo toolbar in it. Therefore, many people who have installed this toolbar on their computer might wish to remove them.

Steps Involved 

Now, the process of removing Yahoo toolbar is quite simple. You can either choose to disable it temporarily, or remove it completely from your computer. In this post, we will take you through these steps.

Disabling from Internet Explorer
  • Launch Internet Explorer and click the option Tools.
  • Under the option Tools, select Manage Add-ons, which will display the Manage Add-ons window.
  • You can find Yahoo toolbar in the list of add-ons. Select it and choose the option Disable. This step will disable the toolbar from the browser. If you wish, you can reverse your selection at any point of time by choosing the option Enable. 
Uninstalling from Firefox
  • In order to uninstall Yahoo toolbar from Firefox, launch the browser and click on the Tools icon.
  • Select Add-ons under Tools.
  • The Add-ons window will give you the list of Add-ons or Extensions in Firefox browser. 
  • Choose Yahoo toolbar in the window and click Uninstall.
Removing from Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome and select the wrench icon.
  • Go to the option Extensions.
  • From the list of extensions in Google Chrome, choose Yahoo toolbar and uncheck the option Enabled.
Uninstalling from computer
  • Open the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  • From the Control Panel window, select the option Add or Remove Programs.
  • The Add or Remove Programs window will show the list of all programs installed in your computer. 
  • From the list, select Yahoo toolbar and click the option Remove. 
With the above guidelines, you can easily remove Yahoo toolbar from your computer. Keep in mind that removing Yahoo toolbar is a simple process, which you can carry out manually. It does not require you to download a third party toolbar removal tool. For additional assistance, you may contact our technical support team.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Common Issues Encountered In The Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email client, which also provides users with many personal management tools like calendars, journals, appointments, tasks and a contacts manager. Microsoft Outlook saves all information including emails, calendars, tasks and contacts into PST files. All information resides within these PST files, so if any error occurs within the PST file, you are in for trouble.
PST files typically produce errors if they are corrupted, oversized or attacked by some malware. Opening a damaged or corrupted PST file produces many error messages, which can be confusing for a new user. Below is a list of common error messages sorted according to their frequency of occurrence. A PST file is generally represented as filename.pst.

Error messages
  • ‘The file filename.pst is not a personal folders file’ error message.
  • ‘Errors have been detected in the file filename.pst. Quit Outlook and all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox repair tool to diagnose and repair errors in the file’ error message.
  • ‘Invalid XML errors’. Invalid XML error occurs typically when some security utility blocks Outlook messages as it suspects a threat. 
  • ‘Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.’
  • ‘The file filename.pst could not be found’ error message.
  •  ‘filename.pst cannot be accessed - 0x80040116.’
Luckily, Microsoft Outlook has its own Inbox Repair Tool called Scanpst.exe, which helps remove corruptions from PST files. The Scanpst.exe is an executable file that scans all PST files for errors and corruptions and removes them once detected. The drawback of this utility is that it is not very powerful and fails to remove corruptions it they are severe. Some common problems that can occur when the Inbox Repair Tool fails are listed below,
  • The Inbox Repair tool fails to recognize the PST file filename.pst.
  • Some sort of error prevented access to the file. You can use ScanDisk to check the disk for errors causing the access failure. Try using the Inbox Repair Tool again.
  • Sometimes, your Inbox repair tool will hang and fail to repair.
  • The PST file that was fixed contains no data or unwanted items.
You can also use the Advanced Outlook Repair tool to fix problems like,
  • Oversized PST file.
  • Forgetting or losing the password or login information.
  • Some emails or items got deleted accidentally.
These are the common error notifications that can appear in your Outlook email client.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How Much Memory Should You Buy For Your System

Nothing can irritate you more than a slow PC, especially when you are doing some important tasks that you have to finish before some specific deadline. You need to type something on your Word document file but it is taking an awful amount of time to load. Speed is also an issue for hardcore gamers who hate it when the computer is frequently stuck. In such cases, most of the time, you have to increase your Random Access Memory (RAM). If you are a frequent computer user, you must have obviously heard of this term RAM, which is the primary memory of your computer. Whatever you are doing in your computer is temporarily stored in your RAM. When the power is switched off, if you have not stored whatever you are doing in any permanent memory (like your harddrive, flash drive), then data will be lost forever.  

In case, you were not aware of it, actually, in your computer, the RAM can be one of the biggest determining factors in how quickly it handles requests, runs programs and does many of its tasks. This is not usually extremely expensive, but if you are on a limited budget then you will certainly want to figure out exactly how much memory your computer needs to do all of the jobs you are planning to use it for. If you are able to afford it, you will require having as much memory as is possible. However, there are certain factors that do limit the usage of RAM. Here are the computer support instructions that would help you with this:

 Computer support Instructions:

  • Initially, you need to know or determine how much memory you have. This you will find listed on the specification sheet you received when you purchased your computer. However, you can also ensure it by going to the ‘Control Panel’ and then by clicking on ‘System’. This will list the amount of RAM you have in your computer.
  • After that, you need to know how much memory your computer can hold. You will have to look either in the manual for your motherboard, or contact the manufacturer for finding out how much memory your computer can use. You usually have one or two slots. However, the motherboard usually has a memory limit.
  • You need to know how much RAM you actually need. For that, you can look at the recommended RAM amount for your most complicated program or game. This way, you can get at least that much memory. 

However, you also need to keep in mind that Windows XP cannot utilize more than 3GB of RAM. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

The New Features In Windows 8.1

The Windows 8 OS was a success; however, there were users who could not adjust to the modern user interface of the new operating system. The users who had been using the desktop interface, which were more or less similar to its predecessors had to use the Metro UI, which underwent a lot of changes and you cannot blame the users if they felt the new one to be quite confusing.
Another major constraint found in Windows 8 was that it lacked a Start button. Normally users have a habit of moving their cursor towards the left bottom corner of the screen where they would find the Start button. However, since Windows 8 upgrade lacked this, the Start menu has been launched once again on the left bottom corner in the Windows 8.1 upgrade. When compared to Windows 7, Windows 8 also suffered from several crashes and hangs. This problem has also been resolved in Windows 8.1. This would be a relief for many people who encountered such problems in the Windows 8 upgrade.
Before the release of the final version, Microsoft introduced a beta version to the public as it usually does in order to give the users the chance to try the operating system. This allows the users to ensure that they are paying for a product that works fine. Normally the new operating systems are released by Microsoft during the month of October and they did not alter this during the release of Windows 8.1 upgrade.
The problems encountered by many in Windows 8 have been resolved in Windows 8.1 and they are much quicker and efficient when compared to the other Windows OSs. Before a product is released, they would have fulfilled all the quality checks conducted internally by Microsoft and the product thus achieves the green signal given by the hardware partners of Microsoft. If the customers have been usig the trial version, purchasing the new version would require them to install the apps once again and your data will be safely transferred. Those who are using the beta version can soon switch to the real version that was released in October or else they would receive warnings regarding the expiry of the trial period.
Many OEM are removing the Windows 8.1 start screen and adding their application screen for this. Hope you would now switch from the Windows 8 upgrade to Windows 8.1

GDR 2 Update On Windows Phone 8

Microsoft rolled out the new Windows Phone 8 mobile OS update that incorporates support for Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) CardDAV and CalDAV calendar as well as contact syncing protocols. The new update will allow Windows Phone 8 users to access Gmail messaging an scheduling services.

Even though Microsoft had announced the Windows Phone 8 General Distribution Release 2 update over a week ago everyone was surprised with the support for CardDAV and CalDAV which was not disclosed. Google had announced their plans to terminate support for Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync by the end of January. The deadline was later extended till July 31. Microsoft was quick in action and relented to the demands of Google. If they didn’t comply Windows Phone 8 users would have been left only with IMAP email support on Gmail which would have made calendars and contact sync non-operational.

The GDR2 is a recent update which was highlighted by the FM radio restoration support which had been absent ever since the launch of Windows Phone 8 in late 2012. Also in the update is Xbox Music improvements that provide much more accurate metadata. The update also claims a Data Sense app tracking service as well as improvements in stability in traditional apps like Internet Explorer. The update has already been delivered to HTC 8X and Samsung Ativ S Windows Phones.

Microsoft is apparently working on another Windows Phone 8 update but this will have much more improvements and additions than GDR2. The Verge reports that the new update will have a notification center, increased multitasking and additional improvements to built-in applications. Expected the early 2014 the Windows Phone Blue many expect that Microsoft may chose to back port some features in the update to later in the year. All ported features would be Capable of supporting hardware shipping in 2013 and should probably arrive at the requests of manufacturing partner Nokia.

Microsoft’s Windows Phones have been quite popular and the Redmond Company reported a fiscal fourth quarter earnings of $18.1 billion. The Entertainment and Devices Division saw an increase in revenue by over $134 million credited to the Windows Phone 8. This is a growth of over $222 million as compared to statistics over a year ago. This was largely due to patent licensing revenue and sales of Windows Phone licenses however, some gains had to offset revenues in the Xbox gaming platform department.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the new update on Windows Phones check up with Microsoft help and support. The Microsoft help and support team are quick at dispensing reliable and sustainable solutions. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Free Outlook App For The Windows RT Tablet Users

Microsoft which has been launched many useful programs in the past, is now on its way to include the Microsoft Outlook email program in tablets that runs on Windows RT. Those who own a Surface tablet of Microsoft will be offered the Outlook 2013 app free.
Ever since the launch of Windows 8 last year, several complaints have been raised by people all over the world. Even though the interface is unique and sleek, people who have got used to the older versions of  Windows, find the new version to be a bit different and less user-friendly. Due to the constant complaints raised by the users, Microsoft is planning to alter the Windows 8 operating system and the inclusion of Outlook in the Windows RT tablets was announced in Taiwan.
Windows 8 that was released last year was based on touch interface so that the operating system could be used by people using both desktops and tablets with touch screen. The main feature in Windows 8 is the tiled UI that appear on the screen and the user is given the opportunity to access every app in the system from the screen. You could also use your keyboard and mouse just like for a normal computer.
The Windows 8 dual format that was introduced last year turned out to be a failure as users got annoyed by it. The Windows RT that was introduced did not have Outlook either and hence the users could not use the Outlook setting for any purpose. The major drawback of Windows RT was that it could only run those applications designed particularly for them and hence it is not possible to install a standalone Outlook in RT as you wish.
Anyway, the major highlight this year is the inclusion of Microsoft Outlook in Windows RT tablets and this would be offered absolutely free! This announcement was made by Tami Reller, the Chief Financial and Marketing Officer of Windows Division as she introduced the new features of Windows 8.1. According to her, “Windows 8.1 furthers the bold vision of Windows 8 by responding to customer feedback and adding new features and functionality that advance the touch experience and mobile computing’s potential.”
You would therefore be able to access the Outlook setting and use your favorite features in Outlook if you have a Windows RT tablet. Hope you found this article useful.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tips To Reset The Windows Live Password

A mind blowing gaming experience can be attained with the Xbox gaming console. Different games belonging to different genres can be played on the Xbox and a truly fantastic gaming experience is for sure. The Live account details are required if you are required to buy games or add points and the necessity of the Live password is not required to sign in to the Xbox Live. if the Windows Live password is forgotten, you need not get tensed as the Windows Live password can be reset with ease and it can be done by following the below provided Windows Live help guidelines.

  • By making use of a web browser, navigate to the login page of Windows Live. You will require an active internet connection to navigate to the site. From the login page, the Sign In option has to be clicked. The Forgot Password link has to be clicked next. 
  • I Forgot My Password option has to be chosen; then click on Reset Your Password. 
  • The email address that was used for Xbox Live has to be entered. A new page will be launched when the correct email address is entered. If a wrong email address is entered, you need not worry as you can guess any number of email addresses. 
  • The Email Me A Reset link option has to be clicked. The Next button has to be selected. The email account to which the password is sent has to be accessed. For that email account of which you have forgotten the password, the password recovery tool of the email client has to be used. 
  • The XBOX LIVE email has to be opened and the given link has to be clicked. Now you will reach the password reset page. The new password has to be entered two times. The Next button has to be clicked. 
  • Access your Xbox 360 and to the Xbox Live profile, you have to sign in. new details can be inputted to gain access to the account and the different features of Xbox Live can be accessed. 
By following the above-mentioned Windows Live help guidelines, the Windows Live password can be easily reset. If you require any additional support or more information regarding the guidelines, you may contact our customer support center.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fix For Imminent Windows 8 Problems

Microsoft launched their latest flagship operating system Windows 8 last August expecting it to be a viral hit in the software industry. Even though the operating system gained critical acclaim when it was launched, thanks to its metro user interface, it failed terribly in attaining huge sales for the Company due to the presence of many issues. Below we discuss about some of the Windows 8 issues and ways to solve them.

Considerations on Usability

One of the main Windows 8 problems was the lack of training for users before the rollout of the operating system, such that the users were bedazzled on seeing the new user interface with Start screen and tiles instead of a desktop experience. Most of the traditional computer users found it very difficult to cope up with the new user interface. The best way to fix this problem is to make sure that the users undergo a short training program so that they may get used to the new operating system.

Problems while Controlling and Managing Apps

One of the major pros of the Windows 8 operating system is that it looks the same in all its versions, from Basic to Pro to Enterprise edition. However, it is very difficult for the companies to monitor the usage, managing of apps in the operating system, as the operating system is made for both touch, and non-touch displays. Using secure app stores to download apps for your device and using the APPX app packaging is a good way to escape from this issue.

Migrating To Touch Screen Devices

With the introduction of the touch screen technology in the near future, software manufacturers are releasing operating systems optimized for use in touch screen computers. Most of the laptops releasing in the market now are touch enabled and it is necessary for the corporations to adhere to this technology. However, this transition will not be possible over the night, the enterprises must develop a powerful strategy before migrating to Windows 8 touch based computers or else they will have to experience some Windows 8 problems.

Sloppy Security In BYOD 

One of the major disadvantages of using the Windows 8 operating system is that it forces the users to create new BYOD policies. The operating system also allows the users to create personalized policies for each system. One of the best methods to get free from this situation is to use comprehensive work and personal policies. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Windows 8.1 To Support 3D Printing Technology

3D printing has been a relatively a new feature, which is slowly gaining popularity across the world. Even though most of the latest technologies in the market quickly become popular, the pace of development of this technique has not been fast, and this is mainly attributed to the lack of support from the operating systems. However, this scenario is changing with Microsoft deciding to add 3D printing support in its latest version of operating system, Windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1 was released last October, and since then the software giant has been boasting about the various features of the operating system, and one of them being the support for 3D printing. According to Microsoft help line, this new feature is going to bring in drastic changes in the printing scenario. Even though 3D printing was only in cards and was only a hobby for few users, the new move by Microsoft is going to make 3D printing a serious business.
With the release of the new feature of the operating system, Microsoft hopes to attract developers to upgrade their latest operating system. Microsoft had released the predecessor of Windows 8 with high expectations. However, even after one year since its release, it has not done good sales. With Windows 8.1 and its added features, Microsoft is hoping to make a big comeback and the inclusion of futuristic features like support for 3D printing is a step towards it.
There is good news for 3D printing technology, and that is the unification of Makerbot and Stratsys. Both these companies are the leading manufacturers of 3D printers. With the decision to merge the companies, we will see many research and development activities going into this field.
If you are thinking that 3D printing is a herculean task, you are wrong. According to Microsoft help line, 3D printing is as simple as 2D printing. Antoine Leblond of Microsoft demonstrated this last day when he printed a vase using the operating system. MakerBot Replicator 2 was used as the hardware and Leblond said that Replicator 2 would be sold through Microsoft Stores.
Microsoft has taken a major step that could change the future of 3D printing technology. However, we are yet to see how its latest operating system, Windows 8.1, performs in the market. If it is a failure just like its predecessor, we may have to wait longer for the 3D printing technology to emerge from the hindrances it faces now.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How To Manage Your Printers Easily In Windows 8

It seems that printers are here to stay for a long time. You will have to suffer the irritating burden of frequent attendant jams, empty trays, and incessant thirst for toner and ink. However, if you are using Windows 8, then Windows 8 drivers offer some amazing assistance in configuring and managing these contraptions. This assistance is in the form of 13 PowerShell cmdlets.

Among the many new PowerShell nouns which are now used, are printerdriver, printjob and printer, amongst Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. For connecting the printer to a PC, you require either a cable, probably USB or a network connection, between the two devices, and a printer driver. Actually, printer drivers enable the creation of printers (the software object type), and then printers create print jobs, and the print jobs then create the desired print output.

To manage Print drivers

Initially, you require managing printer drivers just the way you do the other Windows 8 drivers, Power Shell’s get-printerdriver, add-printerdriver, get-printerdriver, and remove-printerdriver can do that. For doing this you require local administrative powers for adding or removing printer drivers with these cmdlets.

A driver name should exactly match a known driver; otherwise, you will certainly get errors .It is possible to uncover a driver’s “magic name” quite easily either by typing get-printerdriver on a PC that already has that driver loaded, or going inside the .inf file associated with any printer driver. When you browse for the file, you would see some code written as below:


; Model sections.


"Dell Color Laser 1320c" = DLHSNZP1,LPTENUM\DellColor_Laser_132010D5

"Dell Color Laser 1320c" = DLHSNZP1,USBPRINT\DellColor_Laser_132010D5

This goes on a bit longer, but you can then see that there is a string after the vendor name, and this is most of the time the “magic name” for the driver.

Another feature is Add-printerdriver. As per the documentation, you can load a driver that is not already there in your computer system driver store with the -infpath option:

add-printerdriver -name "Waxtronic 320" -infpath "c:\drivers\waxtronic\wi949.inf"

However, the world’s largest software maker is so sure of this capability that the –infpath option and the driver name are built in as positional parameters, allowing you to enter the above code as: add-printerdriver "Waxtronic 320" "c:\drivers\waxtronic\wi949.inf"

The problem is, neither formulation seems to work. However, the much older Pnputil command seems to work. This provides wonderful driver management help, including the ability to install any given driver. Here is the command:

pnputil –i –a "c:\drivers]waxtronic\wi949.inf" (c drive or whichever drive your OS is installed.)

That was some information on managing the printer drivers in your system. For further assistance, get in touch with our support team.

Fixing ‘PST File Not Found’ Error In Outlook

Outlook is a popular email client employed by professionals and students for the purpose of communication. In Microsoft Outlook, all the calendar events, messages and similar data are stored in the form of PST files and are saved in the hard drive of your computer. Like other applications from Microsoft, Outlook also exhibits occasional errors. This is mainly because of the corruption of the .PST files. However, these Outlook problems can be avoided easily.

Fixing ‘PST Not found’ error

The PST file in Outlook is mainly responsible for storing Outlook information like emails, calendar, appointments, and contacts. This information will prove quite useful for your business as well as for personal use. However, improper usage of Outlook or attack of a virus can cause these PST files to become corrupted. This is the main reason behind the 'PST file not found' error in Outlook. Sometimes, the condition will be more severe where you require the help of a repair specialist to get this problem solved.

As a result, you will experience some symptoms like unexpected shutdown or a sudden irresponsive behavior while trying to access the PST file folders. This problem is common in Outlook 07, where PST format is used to store the information. If the Outlook programs show any of the above mentioned symptoms while working, then you need to understand that the PST file of your Outlook has become corrupted and require the help of a specialist to solve these Outlook problems.

Generally, this error is seen in the format “C:\Users\MYNAME\Outlook Personal Folders -data – PST cannot be found.” Going with professional approach to solve the issue will yield good results. If the above error is seen, then it can have two meanings. First is that the PST files are corrupted and the second thing is the inability to find the servers where these files are stored.

One of the effective means of fixing these issues is by using the Inbox repair tool present in your computer. You can access this tool from the following path C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\. After locating it, search for the Scanpst.exe file. After this, start the recovery process. This will fix the ‘PST file not found’ error in Outlook. However, make sure that a back up copy of all the files is taken and is moved to another location in your hard drive.

The above mentioned steps would help solve the ‘PST file not found’ error in Outlook. For more information on the same, you may refer the official website of Microsoft.