Monday, January 5, 2015

Why Try OmniTech Support

OmniTech support needs no introduction as a tech support provider. This is one company which has been on the scene for the past decade, and is still going strong thanks to the admirable quality of service it sticks to. Customers, who regularly employ support and assistance from them, have nothing but praises to offer.

One of the appealing qualities of this service is how courteous the support technicians are when you call. There’s no feeling of being left out of the resolution process either; they guide you through the steps in a way you can easily understand, and leave out the more knotty stuff. Any issue you bring to them is resolved in record time, meaning you can get back to whatever work you had been in the middle of when the issue disrupted it. This is convenience incarnate, especially if you’re hard pressed for time, and seeking a way out of the predicament your PC is putting you in. Testing OmniTech support beforehand is a good way to find helpful options for when you happen to need it.

I’ve found that few things are as easily or readily fixed, as when I call OmniTech support. Their remote assistance method is one of my favorites, and I opt for it each time I call. If you don’t know already, this is what lets the technician access and manage your PC as if he were sitting in front of it. The main advantage is that you don’t have to follow instructions after setting up the connection, although you can see what goes on in it throughout the period of the call. You can even use a screen recorder to record the movements and figure out the fix at a later time, which means you’ll have learned something new about managing the PC.

After testing OmniTech support myself for the first time, I knew beyond a doubt that this was a good service to call. And I’d stumbled upon them by sheer accident, if you count finding the hotline number on a colleague’s desk as such. He incidentally can’t get me to shut up about how good they are, although I’m sure everyone who’s ever called OTS agrees on that regard. I’d recommend this computer support provider to anyone who’d listen, because it can be a godsend when you’re out of options and time.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Support Guides From Omni Tech Support

Since there are plenty of software products coming out regularly, it is imperative for people to be aware of them if they wish to keep up with latest technologies. Hence they look for different technical guides over the internet on different websites to gain as much knowledge possible. In order to help such people, OmniTech support does not only provide tech support through support help line but also in the form of online guides. This is for people who know about the issue, but need a little help with some of the issues.

Plenty of people have been able to get their issues resolved with the help of these guides. The best thing about these guides is that they are relatively simple. Though you can find support guides on other websites, you will find it easier to follow the guides from Omni tech support. Hence, plenty of customers have been able to make use of these guides and also have thanked for the support.

Now talking about online support, technicians at Omni tech services are Microsoft certified technicians. Hence, they will be able to help customers quickly in no time. You just need to tell them what you are trying to do, in case you are stuck in the middle, let the technician know what you have done so far. He will be able to lead you from right where you got stuck. If necessary, the technician will take a remote session, so that he can work on your computer from your end.

Some of the customers feel that they become vulnerable to data loss and threats when they accept to connect with the customer remotely. They think that they would lose their personal information when they let the technician work on their computer. Omni tech support does not do anything that would cause harm to the customer. They follow rules and regulations that would only see that the customer receives the best service. For people who are not comfortable speaking over the phone, there is an option to chat with the technician. The only difference is the medium of communication, the rest of the process is all the same.

Customers can subscribe to half yearly or yearly subscriptions. Customers can get one issue resolved for a month until the validity of the subscription for no charge. Apart from this, there are different services like PC tuning, virus removal, systematic PC scan and many more. For any issue that you have, you can find a solution in these support guides.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Omni Tech Support: Resolve Slow System Issues

Having a slow computer is one of the most common issues. Though the issue is common, the solutions provided by tech support services may vary in quality. There are many tech support services misguiding users and swindling them. Testing Omni Tech Support, you get to see the quality at work. The solutions provided are first rate and clears most of the issues in no time.

Now, coming to the issue of slow computers, there are many possible reasons why system might be working really slowly. You need to check your RAM. Most modern computers require minimum 2GB RAM. Nowadays there are computers having over 4 GB RAM, even 8 and 16 GB. If you are using the system for normal use, you may not require a 4GB RAM, 2GB would suffice.

Another possible reason why your system might be slow is when there are too many programs in the start up. If that is the case, then go to Run and type msconfig. You will be able to see the System configuration utility. You need to select the Startup tab and uncheck the programs that are not necessary. This can significantly improve your computer speed.

Another thing you need to consider doing is defragmentation. For that, first you need to click on the Start button. Then you need to find the Disk Defragmentation program and launch it. For that, click on the Programs icon. Then, you need to click on the Accessories icon. After that, click the System Tools icon and then click the Disk Defragmentation icon.

If that does not work, you need to scan your system for resource guzzling viruses. There are many viruses that take up your system RAM and space in the hard disk. Clean your system of such viruses by downloading a quality virus scanner and remover software. There are many Anti Virus software programs available.

If even this does not work, try uninstalling unnecessary software programs. If you are not using some of the software programs regularly, uninstall it and free up space.

Another solution is cleaning up the registry errors. A variety of errors that might occur when you install or uninstall a system. There are software tools available that can clean the registry errors.

Testing Omni Tech Support, you would realize that there are some really awesome support packages that provide the best protection and issue resolution you might have ever experienced. Try it out and experience the quality tech support!

Monday, November 17, 2014

How To Carry Out Outlook Repair Installation

Outlook is an email client application developed by Microsoft. This email client program offers a wide range of features to its users. Even though the program is loaded with features, you might sometimes find these features unusable when the program becomes corrupt. During the event of an Outlook corruption, it is advisable to repair install the program. If the repair installation does not work, you may try to fix the issue by reinstalling it. Now, in this post, we will take you through the repair installation procedure of the program.

Repair installation

According to OmniTech Support forums, whenever you encounter an issue with Outlook, go through the basic steps to fix it. However, major issues like Outlook corruption will not be fixed with the basic troubleshooting steps. In this condition, you will have to try the repair installation to fix the issue. Before you do a reinstallation of the program, make sure that you do the repair installation. Keep in mind that majority of the Outlook issues are fixed by a repair installation. The major advantage of doing a repair installation is that your Outlook data will not be removed from the program. This means, you will still be able to find the email data after the repair installation.

In order to carry out Outlook repair installation, find the file scanpst.exe. This file is designed to scan the PST file of the program. The PST file is responsible for storing data in the program. Therefore, locate the file, scanpst.exe and double-click to run it. The repair tool will ask you to choose the PST file. Navigate to the location of the PST file and select it to run the scan. Once the scan finishes, the tool repairs the errors found with the file.

The above method of repair installation works only when the PST file of the program is corrupted. In other cases, you will have to use the Outlook installation disc to carry out the repair activities. For this, close the Outlook program and all other Office applications. Go to the Control Panel window of your operating system and open the Add or Remove Programs window. Choose Microsoft Office from the list of programs and click the option Change or Repair.

The above steps will help you to carry out the repair installation of Outlook program. For further assistance on this issue, you may go through OmniTech Support forums or contact the technical support team.

Monday, November 10, 2014

How Omni Tech Support Desk Helped Me Fix Recurring Issues With My Laptop

In terms of convenience, laptops are better than desktops. However, when it comes to the expense of repair issues, desktops cost relatively cheaper than laptops. While you could simply replace certain desktop parts such as the keyboard, the mouse, the hard disk, the RAM etc on your own, to do the same with a laptop, you need to hire a technician and he could charge you a handsome amount as the service charge.

When I bought a laptop last year from one of the reputed brands, I least expected any problems on it. However, when it completed one year, it started showing frequent issues and each time when I took it to the computer repair centre, I was asked to pay a big amount for the diagnosis of the issue and for the repair. Needless to say, I was fed up paying a large amount in that way.

Thankfully, I came to know about Omni Tech support desk recently through my friend. Quite excited about their relatively affordable services, I searched about them online for more information. But, I was startled to find a large number of OmniTech support scams. Talking to a customer support representative of the company, I was informed that the scams were cooked up by hackers to redirect customers.

Exciting PC support offers from Omni Tech Support Desk

What got me more attracted to Omni Tech Support was the range of support they offer. Reading some of the Omni Tech Support reviews from experienced customers, I could easily make out that the OmniTech support scams were pretty baseless. After getting convinced about the PC support offered by Omni Tech Support desk, I decided to give them a try for the sake of testing it. I purchased a onetime support scheme and let the experts at Omni Tech Support desk repair the issue. The issue I had with the laptop was frequent shutting down and restarting. It wouldn’t allow me to work.

After a few minutes of examination on my laptop, the OmniTech experts found out that my OS was corrupted and they helped me reinstall the OS. I could get the issue fixed within an hour.

An experienced customer that I am, I am ready to endorse Omni Tech Support to all my friends and colleagues. If you are bothered by frequent issues in your laptop or desktop, contact Omni Tech Support desk and get the issues fixed in real time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Windows 8.1 - A Free Upgrade For Windows 8

Microsoft had announced that the Public Preview of the upcoming Windows 8 update would be available for download by June. They had also revealed that their forthcoming update for Windows 8, called as Windows Blue, will be officially released as the Windows 8.1 update and will be free for the current users of Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft CFO Tami Reller, while speaking at the telecom conference in Boston, revealed that the Public Preview of Windows 8.1 would be made available for download from the Windows Store.

Details of the Windows 8.1 update have been filtering through for the previous months. Some of the earlier details pointed that Windows Blue is bringing incremental updates to the Windows OS as opposed to the old service packs for the Windows OS that could contain only a large set of updates and upgrades. The bad news for those users who do not like the new Metro User Interface of the Windows 8 operating system is that the Windows 8.1 update will not remove it, but may rather tweak it further. Leaks also suggest that the users will now be given more size options for the Live Tiles on the Start Screen and that the update will also bring with it Internet Explorer 11.

Other features that show up in the Windows 8.1 update are refreshed Fresh Paint app and a better and improved voice search with Bing. Amish Goyal, who is the Director of Windows at Microsoft India, said with the Windows Blue update, Microsoft was focusing on the comfort of traditional computer users and support for lower resolution displays. The former suggests that Microsoft could be looking at alleviating the concerns of the legacy Windows users who were very much unhappy about the absence of the Start button and the boot to desktop option in the Windows 8 operating system. The latter suggests that Microsoft is looking at tablets with 7 inch and more display size running Windows operating system.

All this information was obtained from the Omnitech support guides that were posted in the official Omnitech support website. Many people misinterpret Omnitech support website as Omni Tech Support scams. However, it should be noted that the Omni Tech Support scams are spread by competitor tech support firms and are not genuine.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

How To Get The Best Out Of Outlook

Outlook is an email client application designed and sold by Microsoft. It enjoys a large user base thanks to all the productivity applications it supports. It is especially useful in workplaces where employees have to handle many emails as a part of their work. Outlook enables you to keep a backup copy of your emails since all the messages are stored in your disk drive. Moreover, you can send out replies or compose new emails even while offline. Moreover, there are several productivity applications, due to which the application finds different uses.

In order to make the best out of Outlook, you need to understand all the various features that Outlook supports and use them accordingly. A firm understanding of these features will enable you to cut through the routine work, thereby focusing on what is important. An authentic technical support firm such as OmniTech support will provide you with the proper assistance in understanding and using these Outlook features properly.

Moreover, there are several functions in Outlook that are underused by the typical user. Once you are proficient in this application software without relying on Outlook support, you will be able to get your work done in the quickest way possible. Omni Tech Support fraud websites would advice several different tips, but most of these advices would either make no difference or slow down the computer even further.

Here are some special tips that will get you started on using the Outlook application well.
  • There is no use of cluttering your email inbox by storing thousands of emails. The better alternative would be to archive your emails. The biggest advantage of this feature is the increase of speed in the Outlook application. Since the program does not have to load scores of emails, Outlook will load up a lot faster. To archive an email, right-click a folder and then select Properties. You will find the archive settings of email messages in the Auto Archive tab. Lesser the number of items on your default Outlook inbox messages, faster the application will load.
  • Although there are several different Outlook add-ons available, they come at a hefty price. These may slow down the application and even make it unstable at times. If possible, try avoiding the use of add-ons. In order to disable the add-ons you have, click on the Tools menu. From inside the menu, click on Options, Others and then on Advanced Options. You will be able to make the relevant changes from inside the Add-in manager.
  • Defragmenting the disk drive where your Outlook emails (in the form of a PST file) are stored will speed up your Outlook application.
If you follow these tips, you will notice that Outlook performs to its optimal level and is extremely fast. Several Omni Tech Support fraud sites would offer to provide Outlook support and advise you to download and use specific add-ons to speed up your program. This, however, will only slow down your system further.