Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Windows XP: Recovering without a Recovery Disk

Windows XP is one among the most used platforms and it belongs to one of the most successful platforms from the house of Microsoft. Like all the other platforms rolling in the PC’s around the world, Windows XP also faces a lot of problems in different scenarios. Some issues are simple and some are complex enough. Whatever it is, the important thing is solving the issues. Due to the involvements of a lot of users in the internet, tech support assistance can be easily acquired and your problems can be solved.
The most irritating problems in Windows XP are the boot problems. These problems deny you the facility of accessing the platform and utilizing it. Some boot problems are simple enough as a loosely shunted RAM or a loosely connected IDE cable to the hard drive may be causing the issue. The important fact is that unless you solve the problem, simple or complex, you won’t be able to use the system.
If in some case the boot problem is caused due to some irreversible damage caused to the platform files of Windows XP, then there are methods by which you can recover. One such method involves recovery or restoring of the Windows XP platform without using a Recovery disk. The instructions for completing the aforementioned process are given below.


Power ON your PC and press the F8 button continuously while passing through the boot screen. This will bring the Startup options on the screen.
Use the Arrow keys on the Keyboard to navigate through the options and select the Safe Mode.
After Windows XP is loaded in the Safe mode, click on the Start button on the taskbar and move the cursor on to the Programs. Now go to the Accessories folder and then to the folder System tools inside it. Now click on the System restore option to open it.
The System Restore wizard is opened and it displays a list of restore points that can be used. Depending upon the preference, choose one of the restore points. Please note that System Restore causes a lot of programs, which was installed after the restore point date, not to work.
Click on the Restore button in the window to confirm the process. The restore process will take some time and will replace the lost or damaged system files.
If problems still persist, assistance of a tech support professional is to be sought.