Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Windows XP: Recovering without a Recovery Disk

Windows XP is one among the most used platforms and it belongs to one of the most successful platforms from the house of Microsoft. Like all the other platforms rolling in the PC’s around the world, Windows XP also faces a lot of problems in different scenarios. Some issues are simple and some are complex enough. Whatever it is, the important thing is solving the issues. Due to the involvements of a lot of users in the internet, tech support assistance can be easily acquired and your problems can be solved.
The most irritating problems in Windows XP are the boot problems. These problems deny you the facility of accessing the platform and utilizing it. Some boot problems are simple enough as a loosely shunted RAM or a loosely connected IDE cable to the hard drive may be causing the issue. The important fact is that unless you solve the problem, simple or complex, you won’t be able to use the system.
If in some case the boot problem is caused due to some irreversible damage caused to the platform files of Windows XP, then there are methods by which you can recover. One such method involves recovery or restoring of the Windows XP platform without using a Recovery disk. The instructions for completing the aforementioned process are given below.


Power ON your PC and press the F8 button continuously while passing through the boot screen. This will bring the Startup options on the screen.
Use the Arrow keys on the Keyboard to navigate through the options and select the Safe Mode.
After Windows XP is loaded in the Safe mode, click on the Start button on the taskbar and move the cursor on to the Programs. Now go to the Accessories folder and then to the folder System tools inside it. Now click on the System restore option to open it.
The System Restore wizard is opened and it displays a list of restore points that can be used. Depending upon the preference, choose one of the restore points. Please note that System Restore causes a lot of programs, which was installed after the restore point date, not to work.
Click on the Restore button in the window to confirm the process. The restore process will take some time and will replace the lost or damaged system files.
If problems still persist, assistance of a tech support professional is to be sought.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips to make you a competent person in modifying the system properties logo

Windows was designed by Microsoft in such a way that it will show the logo of the computer manufacturer and their relevant contact informations. These essential details are visible beneath the Windows XP logo that lies inside the Windows system properties window. This logo can be modified as per your wish and this can be done without any complications. Microsoft has left an option to modify the image as per your requirement, especially for business purposes. You could get to the Microsoft professionals by dialing up the Windows support number.
Instructions to change the current system properties logo
Power up your Windows XP installed system and hang around until the Windows system finishes loading up all the icons on your desktop. Once all the icons have appeared, tag on the "My Computer"  tab placed in the top drawer of your desktop and right click on it. This will prompt a small drop down box to appear right beside the my computer with the label "Properties" which will make the current logo visible to you.
Microsoft has developed a program with the name Windows Paint, which will allow you to create the logo that you fancy or you can go for other graphic creation software like Adobe Photoshop for carving out your new logo. However you have to make sure that you are going for the same blend of gray shade which is now used in the Properties dialog box. “RRB: 192, 192, 192” is the representation of the color distribution for this shade. Get your new logo in 180 by 120 pixels and  keep the  brand new logo as a “.bmp” file.
Get the new image logo to the following destination "c:\Windows\system32" and rename the new graphic file "oemlogo.bmp".
Now create a notepad with all the relevant details regarding your contact information and save it in"oeminfo.ini" format to the destination "c:\Windows\systems32".
Furnish the contact information like this.” General: Manufacturer=manufacturer or company name”, followed by “Model=type your name here”, followed by additional Informations like : Line 1= “any information you would like to show up”, Line 2=”support Information”, Line 3= "asdfjkl”, Line 4= ”company name”, Lines 5 and 6=”address”, Line 7=”phone number",
Line 8=”fax number”and finally  Line 9 =”official website”.
Save the changes made to reinstate the system properties logo with a  custom made one.
Drop a call in to the Windows support number for more clarifications.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Will u put your money on Windows 8?

Gartner provides insight to all the IT products. As per their review Microsoft is taking a huge risk by releasing Windows 8 which has an interface that resembles tablet. This could be risky and would most probably go down into the same ambush in which Windows Vista ended up. In the recent past Gartner came up with a review which says that only 8 percent of users have Windows Vista installed on their computer.
Microsoft was in fact a monster during the times when people went for personal computers for absolutely everything. There was an era in which people had to rely upon Windows enabled computers for apparently everything like for communication, to prepare documents, for gaming activities and to view various video and audio footages. But in the recent past scenario has changed with the introduction of mobile devices from apple and blackberry. Arrival of these smart phones really shook the entire tech world. Microsoft Windows 8 help centers are on pins and needles to reinstate their old status with the introduction of Windows 8. But it’s really interesting to know if they will succeed.
Microsoft is hoping that the enhanced interface would be approved by the users as it does resemble tablets.  But the quandary that they mug is about the traditional desktops and laptops which don’t have touch screen interfaces. In fact release of Windows 8 would be accepted by many companies in the corporate world as they prefer their employees depending upon personalized computing devices which they can carry along with them.
Tech giants like HP and Dell have already started roping up their business strategy by commencing all their new products with Windows 8 enabled in it. Hewlett- Packard is all set to release their new tablet named as “Elite Tab” which is preloaded with Windows 8 aiming at the business users around the globe. The proficient Windows 8 help centers will be the most enhanced feature in these devices, which could apparently have answers for all your queries.
Microsoft is set to play a different game unlike apple and Google by developing phones, tablets and PC’s with a better harmony. This will not only reinstate its name in the PC world, but also helps to establish its brand name in the tablet and smart phones markets. Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8 by October, rest is upon the users! Let’s wait and see.

Monday, July 30, 2012

OmniTech Support Scam

All you need to know of the online technical support companies

on line tech support to be a service is not really a new concept nowadays as most of individuals are deciding on it to maintain their PCs functioning flawlessly and smoothly. Buyers across the globe nowadays feel plenty of difficulty in choosing the right company that can provide services much like the requirement. Any technological progression in the domain name of Web led to a mushrooming of appropriate service providers that will make it difficult designed for PC individuals to choose the right company.

In the following paragraphs we have outlined the essentials on the service designed to certainly prove helpful in deciding on the best agency for any appropriate services.

What is actually a tech support firm?

An online tech support company is a unit that is focused on getting rid of remedy of software package problems that it's possible you'll encounter together with your PC as well as laptop. Why these companies are hugely favorable could be business model. Many people deliver the plan to the customers for highly inexpensive as compared to the structural service. The subsequent attractive things about the services are its 24x7 function to allow you to push them in to the action whenever of the day as well as night.

How to pick the best corporation for these services?

Quality of support

 in today's scenario is inundated with businesses that offer these kinds of services in order to global customers. Since this services are related to the security of your method thus giving access the exact same to an unauthentic agency could add up to compromising using the data and also software. Thus always take into account the following issues before choosing the appropriate online tech support company.

The most important thing to consider when choosing clients is the quality sent by the service provider. The quality is the most suitable adjudged by the resolution rate designed for issues. Below usual circumstances higher resolution refers to higher quality of service. Industry considers 95%+ customer satisfaction rating an excellent standard to judge the quality.


the next thing you need to worry about is upon is a price you're charged rather than the service. For a modest or medium-sized home business ROI (return on your investment) plays a huge role in the overall business operation. You need to be wise and choose the few service providers exactly who offer a sensible combination of quality and price range.

Turnaround moment (TAT)

around active enterprise operation there is nothing more special than precious time. To remain specialized against your competitors you need to stick to the timings religiously. Just for this genuine motive you should choose only with the actual tech support provider that delivers if you take the very least time. Retaining your aid idle a result of faulty personal PC is only going to dent your sales revenue. Thus tech support provider in a roundabout way contributes to the money making likewise.

However there are numerous players in such a domain to choose from but hardly any of them match up the required service quality. A comparative study will assist you to select the service provider that matches your demand.

As a more mature tech support professional at is a world wide web. Brandon Malcolm Smith is offering on the Internet tech support so that you can global people for issues related to laptops, desktop computers, Mac in addition to devices including iPods, telephones, iPhones plus more. Moreover he could be an avid creator of article content and blogs that are targeted to help Web users. His division of interests involves in computer service, tech support, emerging technologies plus awareness with tech support hoaxes.