Monday, December 8, 2014

Omni Tech Support: Resolve Slow System Issues

Having a slow computer is one of the most common issues. Though the issue is common, the solutions provided by tech support services may vary in quality. There are many tech support services misguiding users and swindling them. Testing Omni Tech Support, you get to see the quality at work. The solutions provided are first rate and clears most of the issues in no time.

Now, coming to the issue of slow computers, there are many possible reasons why system might be working really slowly. You need to check your RAM. Most modern computers require minimum 2GB RAM. Nowadays there are computers having over 4 GB RAM, even 8 and 16 GB. If you are using the system for normal use, you may not require a 4GB RAM, 2GB would suffice.

Another possible reason why your system might be slow is when there are too many programs in the start up. If that is the case, then go to Run and type msconfig. You will be able to see the System configuration utility. You need to select the Startup tab and uncheck the programs that are not necessary. This can significantly improve your computer speed.

Another thing you need to consider doing is defragmentation. For that, first you need to click on the Start button. Then you need to find the Disk Defragmentation program and launch it. For that, click on the Programs icon. Then, you need to click on the Accessories icon. After that, click the System Tools icon and then click the Disk Defragmentation icon.

If that does not work, you need to scan your system for resource guzzling viruses. There are many viruses that take up your system RAM and space in the hard disk. Clean your system of such viruses by downloading a quality virus scanner and remover software. There are many Anti Virus software programs available.

If even this does not work, try uninstalling unnecessary software programs. If you are not using some of the software programs regularly, uninstall it and free up space.

Another solution is cleaning up the registry errors. A variety of errors that might occur when you install or uninstall a system. There are software tools available that can clean the registry errors.

Testing Omni Tech Support, you would realize that there are some really awesome support packages that provide the best protection and issue resolution you might have ever experienced. Try it out and experience the quality tech support!

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