Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Deleting Norton Toolbar In Firefox

A toolbar is an additional program that is installed on a web browser to provide certain services that would otherwise take up some time to avail of. Such are generally developed by third party software developers, to help centralize the internet usage. While intended for a good purpose, these toolbars sometimes clutter your browser window, and have regular updates that can be very annoying. There are so many toolbars that sometimes these serve no purpose, and as such, knowing how to remove a toolbar is a good thing. Some toolbars are malicious in nature and change your homepage and search engine settings. In this case, knowing how to remove a toolbar helps you protect the computer from outside attacks, unwanted updates that slow performance, etc.
If you are being troubled by the Norton Toolbar on your Firefox browser, then know that you can remove this toolbar directly from your browser file folder. Instructions on removing the Norton Toolbar from Firefox are given below.


  • Close the Firefox web browser application. Now you can proceed to edit your browser settings.
  • Expand the Start menu on your desktop and select the My Computer, or Computer (for later versions) option. Else you can click on Computer icon directly from the desktop.
  • Open the C drive in Computer under the Local Disc settings. Double click the folder named Program Files. This folder contains all the installed programs running on your system; here, locate the Mozilla Firefox option. This folder contains all the web browsers information. Open it and select Components, where the add-ons and extensions in Firefox are saved.
  • Notice the notepad file named coFFP1gn.dll. Delete this from the folder, and replace it with a blank Notepad document file. Right click the document and click on Properties. In the small window that opens up, select the Read-Only option.
  • Close all windows and tabs, and then restart the Mozilla Firefox browser. You will notice that you no longer have the Norton Toolbar in the web browser window.

Toolbar are very useful if you take them from trusted sources, and have actual need of them. Avoid installing unnecessary toolbars on your web browser. This only clutters up the browser, and at times can be very annoying to deal with, especially the updates and other add-ons that they bring forth.
Keep your web browser clean of malicious toolbars that can cause serious issues, like making the developer’s search engine the default one, and redirecting you to their homepage.

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