Sunday, October 6, 2013

Microsoft To Launch Office Suite For Android Devices

Microsoft is prepared to launch a striped down version of their Office suite programs for the Android phones shortly, but the sad news is that the software will not work on tablets working on Android operating system. The software is available as a whole pack and is not available for sale independently. The catch is that one should pay $100 a year for subscribing the software for a year. The new version of the Office compatible with Android is released so as to conquer the smart phone market as Android is the operating system on which most of the smart phones run.

According to the latest news from Microsoft help forum, Microsoft’s Office 365 is available in the Windows tablets now but not in the tablets released in other operating systems. By their new move, Microsoft is planning to increase the reach and the need for buying an Office subscription, as only with this you will be able to access the popular Office suite programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint in your mobile device running any OS.

This is the new business strategy of Microsoft, to make the customers pay for the subscription on a regular basis so that they could use the programs in any devices by providing free updates. However, this is pricier when compared to the old-fashioned one time pay method where the customer pays once for buying the product and can use it for a long time. According to the sources in the Microsoft help forum, they have developed this Office application specifically to run on low screen devices although the user may prefer reading the documents in large screen tablets. But the good news is that Microsoft has also launched a version for tablets running in iOS and Android, but the catch is that the Web Apps application is browser oriented program and requires internet connectivity to work.

With an Office 365 subscription, a customer can use the Office program in up to ten different devices. Five of the devices can be Windows or Mac PCs or tablets and the other five can be iPhone or Android devices. However, the Windows phone device comes with pre installed Office and will not be counted in the numbers. The Office designed for Android devices is meant for light use that you can use it for viewing and editing a document received as an attachment but there is no option to create a complex spreadsheet from scratch. 

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