Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fixing Issues With PDF Files In Outlook

The most important feature of a PDF file is that its formatting is not altered, which makes it the most commonly used format to send files over the net. Sometimes, users experience Outlook problems like troubles with the PDF format since they are not able to view the PDF file from Outlook using Adobe. By following the below provided instructions, the issues with the PDF file in Outlook that has to be viewed with the Adobe reader can be solved.

  • Download the PDF file to a preferred location in the computer. In order to download the PDF file, right click the PDF link and choose the option Save As. Now the location to where the file has to be downloaded has to be selected and then select the OK button. Now the PDF file will be downloaded.
  • When the file is being loaded in Adobe Acrobat 8, close the Microsoft Outlook program. Sometimes if the PDF file is open in two programs, it may not work so it is essential to close Microsoft Outlook.
  • If there is no empty space on the hard disk, the file cannot be downloaded. Make sure that there is ample space present on the hard disk in order to download the file. To see the capacity of the hard drive and the free space available, select the Start button that is present in the extreme bottom left of the taskbar and the Start menu will pop up. From the menu, choose My Computer. Now the C drive will be visible. Now right click the C drive and a menu will appear and from the menu, chose the Properties option. In the Properties window, details regarding the hard disk will be visible
  • As Adobe Acrobat reader 8 is not the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, it is essential that the latest version of Adobe reader be downloaded from the internet. In order to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, visit the site and select the download link. Now the download process will start. The time required for download will depend upon your internet connectivity speed and after the download is complete, double click the file and the install wizard will appear and follow the necessary instructions to install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. This may fix the issue in most cases.
By following these tips, such Outlook problems can be easily rectified. For more help, contact Outlook help and support.

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