Friday, October 4, 2013

The Offline Services In Microsoft Exchange Server

In order to send messages and work with people who are on the same server without logging on to the internet, a program that is made use of is the Microsoft Exchange Server. It is hosted on a local server and once you configure the profile within Outlook, the Outlook offline features such as sending and receiving of mails can be used with the help of the server. Now the nuisance of having two different applications for managing mail as well as contact information can be avoided. The Exchange Server Outlook setting can be setup by following a few simple steps.

  • You will have to go to the Control panel that is present in Outlook. To view the profiles that you have already setup, you need to select the option Mail And Fax.
  • The Show Profiles option has to be selected and whichever you want to change you can choose. The Properties option has to be selected now.
  • The tab titled Services has to be found and the Add Service button has to be selected. Here the Exchange Server will be able to be added to your profile. From the dialog box that appears, The Microsoft Exchange Server has to be selected and then the OK option has to be selected.
  • The details of the Exchange Server have to be entered. You have to make sure that the mailbox is set. This process can be done by selecting the Properties option that is present in the Exchange Server profile. You will need to navigate to general and check name. If both the server and mailbox are underlined, you are all set.
To choose settings
  • You will need to navigate to Show Profiles, Microsoft Exchange Server and Properties. In the tab titled General, you can select how you want to work with your messages. The default setup is for the Outlook and Exchange to work online but you can choose the Work Offline option and choose which type of connection you want every time you log in.
  • In the Advance Tab that is present, the security and encryption preferences can be set.
  • In order to choose the encryption settings, you need to make use of the Offline folder settings.
  • You can set at what time you want to connect to the web in order to get messages from your remote mailboxes. The Remote Mail tab that is present in the Settings pane has to be selected. 
  • The schedule has to be clicked and in the Check at box option, the time has to be entered. In order to save your settings, you need to select the OK option.
If you have any doubts about the Outlook setting, you can make use of the Outlook help to resolve all your issues.

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