Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Problems On Windows Store

Do you find Windows Store interesting with apps and programs that win your heart? Windows store can be accessed through Microsoft Windows 8 by clicking on the Store tile displayed on the Start screen. Internet connection is a must to avail Windows store and you have to be signed into Microsoft account to install the apps of your choice.

The featured apps in the Spotlight can be looked upon and more apps within specific categories could be explored with the help of Windows Store. The apps that match your search would be listed as New releases, Top paid and Top free to choose from as required. You wouldn’t get all that you desire for free and pre-installed in your computers or other electronic gadgets; if you find an interesting app, you might need to install it from the Windows Store. There would be options to make a buy or try it out with a free trial period allowed. Later, if you wish to continue using the app, purchase it after the trial version gets exhausted. Click on the Install option to get the app and find it pinned on to your Start screen.

You need to enter Microsoft account name and password to sign into Windows store. If you are sure that the entered information is right, go ahead by resetting the password.

Reset password as follows

If you wish to reset the password for your existing Microsoft account, go ahead with the steps as listed below.
You need to go to the Options to Reset your password in the official website.

  • Check out the problems discussed here and click on the right match to get onscreen instructions to solve the same.
  • You need to choose the method by which you want to reset your password and proceed with the instructions given.

It would be preferable to add maximum security as possible to your Windows account to make your account protected. The information you enter as security information in the password resetting time would be made use of, if you forget your password or when someone else attempts to sign into your account.

There are many apps and programs for entertainment and other purposes that you could download and use from the Windows store. You would be familiar with all these, if you like games, chatting or social networking. Everything need not come inbuilt in even the latest Microsoft Windows 8 computer; the apps are accessible online from Windows store, some need to be bought for money while others are available for free.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To Repair Microsoft Windows Installer

Are you annoyed with those repeated error messages that pop up while you try to install a program onto your computer? Well, the problem could likely be with the Windows installer. Given below are some simple instructions that will help you fix this problem.

Microsoft Windows Repair Tips

  • You can begin the process by switching on your computer system. You will have to log in as an Administrator. Doing so will make you able to make any modifications in the system-level.
  • Now, you need to click on the Windows Start menu that is located on the left side bottom corner of your computer screen and then click on the icon that is labeled by Run from the list of Start menu options. After that, you need to type in the text cmd into the text field there and press the OK button. This will open up the Command Prompt window.
  • Next up, you need to type in the text msiexec.exe/unregister into the Command Prompt and hit the Enter key on your computer keyboard. Then, you need to enter the text msiexec /regserver and hit the Enter key.
  • After that, you need to click on the Windows Start menu and then click on the Run icon. Type in the text regedit and press the OK button. This will open up the registry editor so that you will be able to make the changes there.
  • Following which you need to go to the file that is named as HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and click on it. Then, go to the Edit menu and then click on Permissions. After that, click on the option named Systems. If you do not find it there, you need to go to the Add option and click on the name of your computer system. Now, you will be asked to provide the names of the objects to be selected. Here, you need to enter System in the appropriate text field.
  • Once you do that, you need to click on the option that reads Check Names and hit the OK button. Go to the Group or user names list and select System. Put a check sign in the check box next to Full Control below the Allow in the Permissions option.
  • Finally, you need to reboot your computer to save the changes you made.

For more Microsoft Windows repair tips, please do get in touch with our Microsoft help team. You can also dial our Windows support numbers for further assistance.