Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Make Microsoft Outlook Run At Startup

The Windows operating system is used widely across the world owing to its ease of use and the user-friendly features. This operating system maintains a folder that holds the shortcuts to programs that load every time the user logs into the operating system. Some programs, including system security and instant messenger applications may place a shortcut in the folder during the process of installation. This will make sure that the program loads automatically when the operating system loads. Even though the Microsoft Outlook does not make a shortcut on its own, the user will be able to easily add the program to the list of the startup programs. After you add the program, it will open and then download the new email messages every time you start the computer.

Outlook is a part of the Office suite and it shines as an email client with good talent for organizing solid spam filters, seamless integration with to-do lists and scheduling. This is more than just a program to manage and read email messages. It operates as a personal information manager or PIM and is able to keep the users on schedule by remembering the to-do lists of the user. This program can also be purchased as a standalone program from the official website of Microsoft. The steps to make Microsoft Outlook program run at startup are discussed below in this article.

  • Click on the Start button followed by All Programs and then select the version of the Microsoft Office suite located in the programs list. 
  • As the next step, right-click on Microsoft Outlook and then click on the Copy option. You can then scroll down through the programs list, right click on Startup and then select Explore to view the current startup programs in your computer. 
  • Right click on any blank area in the window and then select Paste. Doing this will add Microsoft Outlook to the startup programs. You may now close the Windows Explorer window. 
These are the simple steps to include the Microsoft Outlook program in the startup list. You should understand that if you have changed the default email downloading settings in Outlook, it might not download the email messages automatically at startup. If you need to get Microsoft Outlook help to finish these steps, you can contact the Outlook help and support team. They will help you get Microsoft Outlook help to add the program in the startup list.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Microsoft Introduces Improved Message Syncing Options In Skype

Over the years, we have had many Microsoft chat applications like MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc. Of course, the availability of all these different versions of Microsoft instant messenger applications made things a little confusing for the average user, especially when they were trying to get tech support online.

Now, it seems that Microsoft has decided to streamline their entire Microsoft chat network. They have announced that they would slowly phase out all the other chat messenger networks, while promoting Skype messenger as the only Microsoft application.

About the Skype instant messenger application

Skype was first launched in August 2003. But in May 2011, Microsoft bough Skype Communications for 8.5 billion dollars. Since then, Microsoft has been cashing in on the popularity of the Skype instant messenger application, by releasing it as the default chat application in all its latest products, including Windows 8 OS and Xbox One console.

Microsoft has now merged its Windows Live and MSN Messenger chat networks with the Skype messenger service, making it one of the biggest chat works in the world in terms of the number of users.

About the newly improved message syncing functions in Skype

One of the complaints about the Skype application when it was initially launched was that it did not have good enough message syncing options. When Microsoft took over, they did promise to fix such problems. And, they recently released an updated version of the Skype application that comes with better message syncing options.

Now, it is easy to synchronise the messages on all your different mobile devices that has the Skype messenger installed. This means that whenever you receive a new message or start a conversation on one device, this information would be updated on all your other mobile devices as well. This option is very convenient for those users, who have multiple mobile devices and they would like to keep everything up-to-date on all of them.

Another of the functions newly updated and improved is the push notifications. Whenever you are engaged in a chat conversation, you would receive push notifications about any new messages. But, these notifications would not be synchronised on your other devices, instead would appear only on the device you are currently using. This would prevent the cluttering of unnecessary notifications.

For more information about the new functions in Skype and for downloading the new app version, visit the Microsoft Store webpage online.