Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Microsoft Introduces Improved Message Syncing Options In Skype

Over the years, we have had many Microsoft chat applications like MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc. Of course, the availability of all these different versions of Microsoft instant messenger applications made things a little confusing for the average user, especially when they were trying to get tech support online.

Now, it seems that Microsoft has decided to streamline their entire Microsoft chat network. They have announced that they would slowly phase out all the other chat messenger networks, while promoting Skype messenger as the only Microsoft application.

About the Skype instant messenger application

Skype was first launched in August 2003. But in May 2011, Microsoft bough Skype Communications for 8.5 billion dollars. Since then, Microsoft has been cashing in on the popularity of the Skype instant messenger application, by releasing it as the default chat application in all its latest products, including Windows 8 OS and Xbox One console.

Microsoft has now merged its Windows Live and MSN Messenger chat networks with the Skype messenger service, making it one of the biggest chat works in the world in terms of the number of users.

About the newly improved message syncing functions in Skype

One of the complaints about the Skype application when it was initially launched was that it did not have good enough message syncing options. When Microsoft took over, they did promise to fix such problems. And, they recently released an updated version of the Skype application that comes with better message syncing options.

Now, it is easy to synchronise the messages on all your different mobile devices that has the Skype messenger installed. This means that whenever you receive a new message or start a conversation on one device, this information would be updated on all your other mobile devices as well. This option is very convenient for those users, who have multiple mobile devices and they would like to keep everything up-to-date on all of them.

Another of the functions newly updated and improved is the push notifications. Whenever you are engaged in a chat conversation, you would receive push notifications about any new messages. But, these notifications would not be synchronised on your other devices, instead would appear only on the device you are currently using. This would prevent the cluttering of unnecessary notifications.

For more information about the new functions in Skype and for downloading the new app version, visit the Microsoft Store webpage online.

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