Sunday, October 26, 2014

How To Get The Best Out Of Outlook

Outlook is an email client application designed and sold by Microsoft. It enjoys a large user base thanks to all the productivity applications it supports. It is especially useful in workplaces where employees have to handle many emails as a part of their work. Outlook enables you to keep a backup copy of your emails since all the messages are stored in your disk drive. Moreover, you can send out replies or compose new emails even while offline. Moreover, there are several productivity applications, due to which the application finds different uses.

In order to make the best out of Outlook, you need to understand all the various features that Outlook supports and use them accordingly. A firm understanding of these features will enable you to cut through the routine work, thereby focusing on what is important. An authentic technical support firm such as OmniTech support will provide you with the proper assistance in understanding and using these Outlook features properly.

Moreover, there are several functions in Outlook that are underused by the typical user. Once you are proficient in this application software without relying on Outlook support, you will be able to get your work done in the quickest way possible. Omni Tech Support fraud websites would advice several different tips, but most of these advices would either make no difference or slow down the computer even further.

Here are some special tips that will get you started on using the Outlook application well.
  • There is no use of cluttering your email inbox by storing thousands of emails. The better alternative would be to archive your emails. The biggest advantage of this feature is the increase of speed in the Outlook application. Since the program does not have to load scores of emails, Outlook will load up a lot faster. To archive an email, right-click a folder and then select Properties. You will find the archive settings of email messages in the Auto Archive tab. Lesser the number of items on your default Outlook inbox messages, faster the application will load.
  • Although there are several different Outlook add-ons available, they come at a hefty price. These may slow down the application and even make it unstable at times. If possible, try avoiding the use of add-ons. In order to disable the add-ons you have, click on the Tools menu. From inside the menu, click on Options, Others and then on Advanced Options. You will be able to make the relevant changes from inside the Add-in manager.
  • Defragmenting the disk drive where your Outlook emails (in the form of a PST file) are stored will speed up your Outlook application.
If you follow these tips, you will notice that Outlook performs to its optimal level and is extremely fast. Several Omni Tech Support fraud sites would offer to provide Outlook support and advise you to download and use specific add-ons to speed up your program. This, however, will only slow down your system further.

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