Thursday, October 31, 2013

How To Setup An Email Account With Outlook Express

Outlook Express is the email manager program from Microsoft that helps the user to manage emails easily and efficiently. You can manage multiple emails using the Outlook Express program efficiently so that there is no need to login to different email providers to view your emails. Before moving up with the creation of the Outlook account, make sure that your email server is working perfectly and the page can be loaded, else the Outlook email setup process will not work. Outlook Express help provides you with easy instructions for setting up an email account in the Outlook Express program. We discuss the steps to be carried out in detail below.

  • Open the Outlook Express application by double clicking on its desktop shortcut icon or by clicking on its quick launch icon in the Quick launch bar. 
  • Go to the Tools option in the menu bar and then click on the Accounts option under it. 
  • Now a window by the name Internet Accounts will pop up, look for the Add option in it and then click on it. 
  • Now click on the Mail option found under it to start the Internet Connection Wizard. 
  • Input your name in the textbox found next to the label Display name: and then click on the button named Next found at the bottom right corner of the window. 
  • In the page that appears, enter your full email address in the textbox at the bottom.
  • Now choose the Incoming mail server setting as POP3 and enter in the Incoming mail field.
  • Now set the Outgoing email field as and then click on the Next button. 
  • Now enter your username that your webmaster has provided to you in the following format,, as in 
  • Now enter the password in the Password field and put a check mark in the checkbox found beside Remember Password so that you do not have to enter the password every time you launch the application. 
  • Click on the Finish button at the bottom of the dialog box when the setup process is done. 
If you follow the instructions from the Outlook Express help and support team given above promptly, you can easily setup an email account in the Outlook Express program. If you have troubles while doing the same, feel free to contact the Microsoft support team.

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