Monday, October 28, 2013

Steps To Set Up A Microsoft Outlook Account

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that also serves as a personal information manager. The key services include calendar, task manager, note making, etc. which enable the user to schedule their important dates and events. Hence, users would be able to keep their important emails organized and easily download the large files. Outlook also enables the users to use vCards for their business purposes. The user can easily set up his/her email address in Microsoft Outlook, as the information about the outgoing and incoming mail servers is all that is required for this purpose. This information can easily be obtained from the service provider, such as Google.

You can follow these steps to set up your Microsoft Outlook account before seeking assistance from Outlook help.

  • In the first step, open the Microsoft Outlook application. For this, click on the Start button, open the Outlook application, and allow the program to load.
  • Once Microsoft Outlook is opened, go to Tools, then select the Accounts option. The account management box would be opened. Now, select the Add option and then click on Mail.
  • You would get a list of instructions to set up the account. Hence, follow these on-screen instructions to set up your mail account in Outlook. It would first ask you for the display name that you would like to be shown on your emails. Enter the name in the space given and then select the Next option. You can also contact the Outlook help and seek assistance.
  • In the next step, enter the entire email address you are using to set up the account, for example, Now, click the Next option and type in the POP3 (incoming) server, and SMTP (outgoing) server of your email address.
  • However, sometimes, you would not be having this information. In such cases, the best solution would be to contact your service provider, or email provider to find them. In most of the cases, they are like your email address. For example, it may be like or Now, click Next.
  • In the final step, enter the password associated with this email account, and click Next. You would be redirected to a connection set-up screen. Now, select the type of connection you are using to connect to the Internet, and click Next, then select the Finish option, and your email would be now ready to be used in Outlook.

In this way, you can follow these simple steps to successfully set up the Microsoft Outlook account. For more information, check Microsoft’s official website.

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