Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Will u put your money on Windows 8?

Gartner provides insight to all the IT products. As per their review Microsoft is taking a huge risk by releasing Windows 8 which has an interface that resembles tablet. This could be risky and would most probably go down into the same ambush in which Windows Vista ended up. In the recent past Gartner came up with a review which says that only 8 percent of users have Windows Vista installed on their computer.
Microsoft was in fact a monster during the times when people went for personal computers for absolutely everything. There was an era in which people had to rely upon Windows enabled computers for apparently everything like for communication, to prepare documents, for gaming activities and to view various video and audio footages. But in the recent past scenario has changed with the introduction of mobile devices from apple and blackberry. Arrival of these smart phones really shook the entire tech world. Microsoft Windows 8 help centers are on pins and needles to reinstate their old status with the introduction of Windows 8. But it’s really interesting to know if they will succeed.
Microsoft is hoping that the enhanced interface would be approved by the users as it does resemble tablets.  But the quandary that they mug is about the traditional desktops and laptops which don’t have touch screen interfaces. In fact release of Windows 8 would be accepted by many companies in the corporate world as they prefer their employees depending upon personalized computing devices which they can carry along with them.
Tech giants like HP and Dell have already started roping up their business strategy by commencing all their new products with Windows 8 enabled in it. Hewlett- Packard is all set to release their new tablet named as “Elite Tab” which is preloaded with Windows 8 aiming at the business users around the globe. The proficient Windows 8 help centers will be the most enhanced feature in these devices, which could apparently have answers for all your queries.
Microsoft is set to play a different game unlike apple and Google by developing phones, tablets and PC’s with a better harmony. This will not only reinstate its name in the PC world, but also helps to establish its brand name in the tablet and smart phones markets. Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8 by October, rest is upon the users! Let’s wait and see.

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