Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips to make you a competent person in modifying the system properties logo

Windows was designed by Microsoft in such a way that it will show the logo of the computer manufacturer and their relevant contact informations. These essential details are visible beneath the Windows XP logo that lies inside the Windows system properties window. This logo can be modified as per your wish and this can be done without any complications. Microsoft has left an option to modify the image as per your requirement, especially for business purposes. You could get to the Microsoft professionals by dialing up the Windows support number.
Instructions to change the current system properties logo
Power up your Windows XP installed system and hang around until the Windows system finishes loading up all the icons on your desktop. Once all the icons have appeared, tag on the "My Computer"  tab placed in the top drawer of your desktop and right click on it. This will prompt a small drop down box to appear right beside the my computer with the label "Properties" which will make the current logo visible to you.
Microsoft has developed a program with the name Windows Paint, which will allow you to create the logo that you fancy or you can go for other graphic creation software like Adobe Photoshop for carving out your new logo. However you have to make sure that you are going for the same blend of gray shade which is now used in the Properties dialog box. “RRB: 192, 192, 192” is the representation of the color distribution for this shade. Get your new logo in 180 by 120 pixels and  keep the  brand new logo as a “.bmp” file.
Get the new image logo to the following destination "c:\Windows\system32" and rename the new graphic file "oemlogo.bmp".
Now create a notepad with all the relevant details regarding your contact information and save it in"oeminfo.ini" format to the destination "c:\Windows\systems32".
Furnish the contact information like this.” General: Manufacturer=manufacturer or company name”, followed by “Model=type your name here”, followed by additional Informations like : Line 1= “any information you would like to show up”, Line 2=”support Information”, Line 3= "asdfjkl”, Line 4= ”company name”, Lines 5 and 6=”address”, Line 7=”phone number",
Line 8=”fax number”and finally  Line 9 =”official website”.
Save the changes made to reinstate the system properties logo with a  custom made one.
Drop a call in to the Windows support number for more clarifications.

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