Monday, January 6, 2014

Fix For Imminent Windows 8 Problems

Microsoft launched their latest flagship operating system Windows 8 last August expecting it to be a viral hit in the software industry. Even though the operating system gained critical acclaim when it was launched, thanks to its metro user interface, it failed terribly in attaining huge sales for the Company due to the presence of many issues. Below we discuss about some of the Windows 8 issues and ways to solve them.

Considerations on Usability

One of the main Windows 8 problems was the lack of training for users before the rollout of the operating system, such that the users were bedazzled on seeing the new user interface with Start screen and tiles instead of a desktop experience. Most of the traditional computer users found it very difficult to cope up with the new user interface. The best way to fix this problem is to make sure that the users undergo a short training program so that they may get used to the new operating system.

Problems while Controlling and Managing Apps

One of the major pros of the Windows 8 operating system is that it looks the same in all its versions, from Basic to Pro to Enterprise edition. However, it is very difficult for the companies to monitor the usage, managing of apps in the operating system, as the operating system is made for both touch, and non-touch displays. Using secure app stores to download apps for your device and using the APPX app packaging is a good way to escape from this issue.

Migrating To Touch Screen Devices

With the introduction of the touch screen technology in the near future, software manufacturers are releasing operating systems optimized for use in touch screen computers. Most of the laptops releasing in the market now are touch enabled and it is necessary for the corporations to adhere to this technology. However, this transition will not be possible over the night, the enterprises must develop a powerful strategy before migrating to Windows 8 touch based computers or else they will have to experience some Windows 8 problems.

Sloppy Security In BYOD 

One of the major disadvantages of using the Windows 8 operating system is that it forces the users to create new BYOD policies. The operating system also allows the users to create personalized policies for each system. One of the best methods to get free from this situation is to use comprehensive work and personal policies. 

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