Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tips To Reset The Windows Live Password

A mind blowing gaming experience can be attained with the Xbox gaming console. Different games belonging to different genres can be played on the Xbox and a truly fantastic gaming experience is for sure. The Live account details are required if you are required to buy games or add points and the necessity of the Live password is not required to sign in to the Xbox Live. if the Windows Live password is forgotten, you need not get tensed as the Windows Live password can be reset with ease and it can be done by following the below provided Windows Live help guidelines.

  • By making use of a web browser, navigate to the login page of Windows Live. You will require an active internet connection to navigate to the site. From the login page, the Sign In option has to be clicked. The Forgot Password link has to be clicked next. 
  • I Forgot My Password option has to be chosen; then click on Reset Your Password. 
  • The email address that was used for Xbox Live has to be entered. A new page will be launched when the correct email address is entered. If a wrong email address is entered, you need not worry as you can guess any number of email addresses. 
  • The Email Me A Reset link option has to be clicked. The Next button has to be selected. The email account to which the password is sent has to be accessed. For that email account of which you have forgotten the password, the password recovery tool of the email client has to be used. 
  • The XBOX LIVE email has to be opened and the given link has to be clicked. Now you will reach the password reset page. The new password has to be entered two times. The Next button has to be clicked. 
  • Access your Xbox 360 and to the Xbox Live profile, you have to sign in. new details can be inputted to gain access to the account and the different features of Xbox Live can be accessed. 
By following the above-mentioned Windows Live help guidelines, the Windows Live password can be easily reset. If you require any additional support or more information regarding the guidelines, you may contact our customer support center.

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