Monday, January 13, 2014

The New Features In Windows 8.1

The Windows 8 OS was a success; however, there were users who could not adjust to the modern user interface of the new operating system. The users who had been using the desktop interface, which were more or less similar to its predecessors had to use the Metro UI, which underwent a lot of changes and you cannot blame the users if they felt the new one to be quite confusing.
Another major constraint found in Windows 8 was that it lacked a Start button. Normally users have a habit of moving their cursor towards the left bottom corner of the screen where they would find the Start button. However, since Windows 8 upgrade lacked this, the Start menu has been launched once again on the left bottom corner in the Windows 8.1 upgrade. When compared to Windows 7, Windows 8 also suffered from several crashes and hangs. This problem has also been resolved in Windows 8.1. This would be a relief for many people who encountered such problems in the Windows 8 upgrade.
Before the release of the final version, Microsoft introduced a beta version to the public as it usually does in order to give the users the chance to try the operating system. This allows the users to ensure that they are paying for a product that works fine. Normally the new operating systems are released by Microsoft during the month of October and they did not alter this during the release of Windows 8.1 upgrade.
The problems encountered by many in Windows 8 have been resolved in Windows 8.1 and they are much quicker and efficient when compared to the other Windows OSs. Before a product is released, they would have fulfilled all the quality checks conducted internally by Microsoft and the product thus achieves the green signal given by the hardware partners of Microsoft. If the customers have been usig the trial version, purchasing the new version would require them to install the apps once again and your data will be safely transferred. Those who are using the beta version can soon switch to the real version that was released in October or else they would receive warnings regarding the expiry of the trial period.
Many OEM are removing the Windows 8.1 start screen and adding their application screen for this. Hope you would now switch from the Windows 8 upgrade to Windows 8.1

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