Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fixing ‘PST File Not Found’ Error In Outlook

Outlook is a popular email client employed by professionals and students for the purpose of communication. In Microsoft Outlook, all the calendar events, messages and similar data are stored in the form of PST files and are saved in the hard drive of your computer. Like other applications from Microsoft, Outlook also exhibits occasional errors. This is mainly because of the corruption of the .PST files. However, these Outlook problems can be avoided easily.

Fixing ‘PST Not found’ error

The PST file in Outlook is mainly responsible for storing Outlook information like emails, calendar, appointments, and contacts. This information will prove quite useful for your business as well as for personal use. However, improper usage of Outlook or attack of a virus can cause these PST files to become corrupted. This is the main reason behind the 'PST file not found' error in Outlook. Sometimes, the condition will be more severe where you require the help of a repair specialist to get this problem solved.

As a result, you will experience some symptoms like unexpected shutdown or a sudden irresponsive behavior while trying to access the PST file folders. This problem is common in Outlook 07, where PST format is used to store the information. If the Outlook programs show any of the above mentioned symptoms while working, then you need to understand that the PST file of your Outlook has become corrupted and require the help of a specialist to solve these Outlook problems.

Generally, this error is seen in the format “C:\Users\MYNAME\Outlook Personal Folders -data – PST cannot be found.” Going with professional approach to solve the issue will yield good results. If the above error is seen, then it can have two meanings. First is that the PST files are corrupted and the second thing is the inability to find the servers where these files are stored.

One of the effective means of fixing these issues is by using the Inbox repair tool present in your computer. You can access this tool from the following path C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\. After locating it, search for the Scanpst.exe file. After this, start the recovery process. This will fix the ‘PST file not found’ error in Outlook. However, make sure that a back up copy of all the files is taken and is moved to another location in your hard drive.

The above mentioned steps would help solve the ‘PST file not found’ error in Outlook. For more information on the same, you may refer the official website of Microsoft.

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