Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How To Customize The Font Settings In Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a free email client application offered by Microsoft. The users are free to install this application in their Windows running machines and add their favourite email service account to it. The application can be used for a number of tasks such as emailing, sharing folders, task scheduling and so on. For some Outlook Express users, the most interesting feature of the application is that it allows them to personalize the application. For instance, you can personalize your email compositions in the Outlook Express application by setting a different font or by changing the size of the font. Outlook users can also contact the Outlook Express help for all their concerns regarding the application. In this article, you would find the steps for personalizing the email composition and fonts in Outlook Express.

  • Navigate to the Start button and select All Programs followed by Outlook Express. 
  • Press the tab labelled Tools and choose Options. 
  • Press the tab named Compose, which you would find in the Options menu box. 
  • Following this, go to the Compose Mail pane and press the tab titled Font Settings. 
  • Scroll down the list of fonts till you find an attractive font type and select it. Here, choose the font size also. Choose a number in the drop down menu located close to the font type menu. 
  • Go to the Colour section and press on it to view the dropdown menu with the different colour options. Select the appropriate colour. 
  • Press OK once you have chosen your desired font type, size and colour. 
  • Next, go to the pane titled Compose Mail and press the tab titled News. 
  • Choose the font type, size and colour for the font settings of your newsgroup messages. Press OK to proceed once you are done with customizing the font settings. 
  • Next, press the Apply button to save the changes you have made in the font settings. 
  • All your future emails and newsgroup messages will apply the customized font settings you have just made. 
In addition to customizing the font type, you can personalize the entire Outlook Express application. Find the steps for personalising the Outlook Express application from Outlook Express Help page. Alternatively, you can contact the Outlook Express support personnel for real time assistance. Outlook support consists of a team of experts who could remotely look into your application and suggest the most effective troubleshooting steps.

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