Monday, December 2, 2013

Use Windows To Go, And Transform The Way You Work

Even though Windows 8 is out, many enterprises are still just making the transition to Windows 7. Other companies meanwhile,  are still using Windows XP, released over a decade ago.
However as Windows XP will not get support in a year from now, it is highly advantageous to have a Windows 8 transfer. A solution to this dilemma is migrating to Windows 8 Enterprise, which has the Windows To Go feature. This allows you to have a Windows 8 image, which can be transferred using a USB drive, allowing you to make any compatible PC into your very own personal workstation.


The “bring your own device” is something that has been attributed to smartphones and tablets but many enterprises have employees bringing in their own laptops. Even though this method benefits both company and employee, it does raise important security and software compatibility issues.
Windows To Go is a solution that extends itself far ahead of BYOD. This empowers employees to run on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC without having to bring a computer every time they come to office. Booting up can be done using the thumb drive and instantly your home computer transforms into a work PC. Not to forget that all associated application, programs and policies are integrated. So, you can work at home with a system as powerful as the one in your office.
Windows To Go can also be employed as a replacement for VPN or any cloud based virtualization, for mobile users. Even if you have to work in an unreliable network environment you can boot with Windows To Go, and get your work done without a hassle.

How to set Windows To Go
There are some three prerequisites to set up Windows To Go:
  • Windows 8 Enterprise OS,
  • A USB thumb drive with storage space of at least 32 GB,
  • Windows 8 Enterprise image file that is created using sysrep.
To set up use the following instructions
  • Launch Windows To Go Creator Wizard
  • Choose the drive you wish to use and
  • Choose an appropriate Windows 8 image
The Windows To Go setup process will format the drive, so do make a backup before you begin the process. Preferably encrypt the thumb drive using a BitLocker.
The Windows To Go tool is the perfect tool for managing BYOD, as you get the benefits at both ends - the employer retains control over tools and data, and employee gets privacy and freedom by not having business tools on their personal system. Make use of Windows 8 transfer to enjoy the Windows To Go tool, and change the way you do business.

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