Monday, September 30, 2013

Image Importing To MS Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used software platforms dedicated to word-processing. You can create reports, documents, letters and resumes using this software. This application supports almost all types of image files, and has the provision to import images from other files. You can add some predefined pictures from the Clip Art folder in the application. These are low resolution images, usually cartoons and designs, which can be freely used in MS Word. To insert these images you need to click on the Clip Art option, which is available on the Insert tab of the application window.
Next to the Clip Art option, in the Insert tab, you will also see an option to add images labeled Picture. The images that can be used in MS word have to fall under certain restrictions:

File Types: Not all image files can loaded into MS Word; here is a list of the ones it’s compatible with; jpeg, png, bmp, dib, gfa, emz, wmz, rle, emf, wmf, jpg, jfif, bmz, gif. If you try using a file extension that is not compatible, the file cannot be viewed. You might be disappointed to hear that popular extensions like psd and ai for Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, are also neither compatible.

Size of the File: an image’s compatibility in MS Word also depends on the image size. Very large uncompressed files may have difficulty being loaded in MS Word. In some cases it may also lead to a system crash, so the file’s compatibility is hugely dependent on the system specification as well as the version of MS word you have on the system. If you wish to add images that are big in size, see if you can compress and shrink them before importing into Word. This should probably fix any problem.

Image Resolution: Resolution differs from file size, although these are easily confused. Though relatable, a large-resolution file cannot be loaded similar to a large size file. In case it doesn’t load, only part of the image will be visible, and the rest will be cropped off. In newer versions of MS Word you may be able to shrink the images to acceptable dimensions. Those using older versions should attempt to make the image resolution smaller before importing into the application.
If you have any issues with your Microsoft Word application check them up with Microsoft support. The Microsoft support team will be available at any time you need assistance, and would provide quick and reliable solutions for your issues.

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