Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anti-Malware Support For Windows XP Extended Till 2015

IT professionals scrambling to find third party Windows tech support for XP have gotten a minor extension from Microsoft. The anti malware support for Windows XP is extended until July 2015 and they will continue to provide support for the anti-malware engine and signatures for the Windows XP users.

Constant support for anti-malware security applies to the Forefront Client Security, Forefront Endpoint Protection, Windows Intune and System Center Endpoint Protection, which runs on Security Essentials for consumers and Windows XP for enterprise customers. This extended malware support would be more helpful to people handling businesses and are considering a jump to Windows 8. Customers and the third party vendors can make most of this extended support since they get some time to fix things up before switching to Windows 8.

Moreover, many third party developers need time to port and develop the software for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. If business apps are not available on Windows 8 then they might have to rely on Windows XP to run their software.

The anti-malware security support would be more helpful to those people who are in the middle of migrating from Windows XP to the higher version of Windows Operating systems. This is done because Microsoft does not want the Windows XP machines becoming prone to any hazards when they migrate after the end of support for Windows XP.

Microsoft pledges to provide this service even after the support for the same has ended. In case, these users encounter any problems then that would remain in the Windows XP user’s mind and would stay as a black mark forever.

The plans to switch operating systems should continue in spite of the extended support for Windows XP. Nevertheless, the issue is that this extended support would lull people into a forged sense of security, since it does not effectively fix any of the security breaches or will have the ability to block all the attacks.

Suppose there is a request put forward that requires a patch for the operating system or Windows tech support for the same, the extended anti-malware support by Microsoft will not be enough.

Paul Parke, the vice president of the New York based company, 1E Inc., which helps organization to migrate effectively, says that there is still plenty of systems, which still runs on Windows XP. According to the estimates made, there are about 25 percent of Windows XP computers, which still need to migration assistance.

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