Monday, September 1, 2014

Removing Yahoo Toolbar From Chrome

Yahoo toolbar can sometimes be annoying. It changes your home page, sets another search engine as your default provider, and hijacks huge space on the browser screen. If you install this in your computer, it makes these changes in all the browsers it enters. So, following are the steps to remove Yahoo toolbar from Google Chrome.

Steps to follow
  • Hit the menu icon in the browser (this is at the top right of the window, shown as a wrench icon, or a stack), and choose Tools.
  • Once there, select Extensions. From here, find the Yahoo! Toolbar for Chrome entry, and hit the trash icon next to it. This will remove the toolbar from the browser.
There is still work to do after the removal of the toolbar from the Extensions page, which primarily involve reverting the changes it has made and deleting its leftovers from the system.

Changing the home page

Click on the menu button in Chrome and select Settings. Go to In Startup and hit the Set pages option. Hover the cursor on top of, and then hit the x symbol against it. Add your preferred website here, or leave that blank as default.

Changing the default search engine

Yahoo toolbar changes your default search engine to Yahoo search, which remains even after you have removed the toolbar. You have to manually revert the change. For this too, you start at the menu icon. When the options pop down, hit Settings, and go to the Search section. Select Manage Search Engines..., hit the button to remove Yahoo!, and then set another domain as the preferred search provider.

Alternate method

There is another way to revert the changes brought about by the installation of Yahoo toolbar. Just reset your Chrome browser. For this, go to the menu and pick Tools. From there, go to Extensions, select Settings from the left pane, and then choose the Show advanced settings… link. Go to the bottom of the page and click the Reset browser settings button. Hit the Reset button on the windows that opens up.

These are some of the methods to remove Yahoo toolbar from your PC. When done, run a full scan on your computer, and remove any leftovers associated with Yahoo from the system. Call our support number for further assistance, and our technical expert will help you out over a live chat session.

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