Tuesday, September 9, 2014

WiFi Problems In Surface Pro 3 Tablets Fixed

Microsoft’s software and products users are often troubled with bugs and technical issues. This usually happens when somehow, their tech team fails to fix Microsoft errors in these products during the testing phase. This, obviously, leads to embarrassing situations where a brand new software product is marred by reports about these technical problems.

Reports about the WiFi errors in Surface Pro 3

This has happened many times in the past, when the tech support team releases solutions to fix Microsoft errors, as and when reported of the same. Microsoft was able to get away with such technical problems a few years ago with prompt support, as there was not much a competition to their flagship products. However, things are different today.

Take for example, the recently reported WiFi errors in Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets. Even as thousands of Surface and Surface 2 tablets are lying unsold in the warehouses all over globe, Microsoft keeps releasing newer editions in an attempt to make some impact in the tablet computer market, which is dominated by Google and Apple. But, the reports about these WiFi errors affected the sales inversely.

As always, Microsoft tech support team quickly released an online fix for these WiFi errors in Surface Pro 3. So, if you are one of those Surface Pro 3 users, who could not connect to the local WiFi network because of a bug in the program, then go to the Microsoft tech support website, and install this patch. If you have enabled the Automatic Update option in your Surface 3 tablet though, then this fix would have been installed automatically by now.

It is good to see that Microsoft is able to release solutions to such problems within such a short time. Nonetheless, it would have been much better, if such errors did not show up in the first place. Most average users are not good at troubleshooting the technical errors or installing the Microsoft Fix It solutions on their own. In other words, whenever their tablet or smartphone is showing an error message or is not working properly, they will have to take it to a professional tech service center nearby to fix it.

So, releasing these solutions online might already be too late to these not-so-tech-savvy users. As already mentioned, such technical errors and problems will only benefit their competitors Google and Apple, who keep releasing new OS versions without any such glitches.

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