Monday, August 25, 2014

The All New Parallels Access Remote Desktop App

A new version of Parallels Access Remote desktop app for Android is released by Parallels. This desktop app will help the users to run applications that are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems in Android based phones and tablets. For the purpose of accessing files and apps on a computer at home or work, they need to use an internet connection. Moreover, in order to include iPhone, the company Parallels is also making some plans to improve its present Parallels Access iOS app. They are also considering a plan to reduce the annual subscription fee to 19.99/year, which was previously available for $49.99/year. However, this subscription fees was even higher when it was launched on iPads a year ago, where it costs $79.99/year.

The new Parallels Access 2.0 app is coming into a more competitive landscape, which makes the app more complicated. In fact, the tech giant has already introduced Office for iPad, which will help Microsoft bring their popular applications and software to the Apple devices especially the Apple tablets. This will satisfy most of the needs of the customer but if he/she needs more, then it is better to go for the Parallels Access remote desktop application.

In addition to the ability to the run the Office apps, it also features the capability to run wide variety of applications at a reliable or lower price and that too on many devices. For the Office 365 Suite subscriptions, depending on the number of device licenses, the tech giant Microsoft nearly charges $69.99/year and $99.99/year for different subscriptions. In order to make the new app feel like native to the platform, the app includes numerous user interface elements. From the home screen of your Android device, you can quickly create shortcuts to each Windows or Mac apps with the help of a feature called Unique to Android.

The company is also planning to include new management and pricing options and it features the inclusion of multi-user Parallels Access accounts, which will help a company or business provide access to at least five computers for just $49.99/year. Before choosing the subscription, the user can also choose a free trial version of the app starting from July 31. The Parallel Access will run on Android 4.0 version and is compatible with devices like iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and their later versions. However, regarding desktop, the new Parallels Access Remote desktop app will run in Windows 7 or Windows 8, or Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later.

For more regarding the compatibility of app with Windows desktop, contact the Windows help center. The Windows help center will help you with all your doubts and issues related to this.

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