Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Removing Windows Live Messenger From Your Computer

Windows Live Messenger is popular instant messaging application coming from Microsoft. However, if you need to install this application from your system, then you need to use the Uninstall wizard that is found in your computer. To delete all the files supporting Windows Live Messenger, this wizard makes use of an uninstall program. Uninstalling a program manually is the easiest way to remove Windows Live Messenger from your computer.

To make the program work on your computer, there are some files available and therefore, the best way to uninstall the program from your computer is by deleting those files. Given below are some easy instructions given by the Windows live chat support team to uninstall Windows Live Messenger from your computer.


  • Move your mouse pointer towards the left corner of your computer screen and click the option called My Computer. You can also access My Computer by just double clicking its shortcut icon. Next, from the My Computer window, you need to click the C Drive and start browsing your Program Files. 
  • From the Program Files window, you need to find the files that correspond to Windows Live. These files are generally seen under the Windows Live folder. 
  • After locating them, highlight them by clicking on them and to delete these files, click the keys labeled Shift + Delete using your keyboard. 
This is one method of uninstalling Windows Live Messenger from your computer. There is also another method available to remove Windows Live Messenger from your system. This is by entering the hard drive of your computer where the registry files of Windows Live messenger are found. Generally, programs are linked with the program in the form of keys and therefore, it is very much needed to delete these keys when you are uninstalling Windows Live Messenger manually. This step is necessary to remove the program completely from your system.

It is these keys that will notify Windows about the programs, their names, functions and settings. Once these links are removed, these programs will be out of the computer. It is necessary to go to the Regedit.exe file in order to open it and search for Windows Live Messenger. This Regedit.exe file will show a number of keys and you need to delete all these keys. Then only will the links be removed from your computer.

These tips from the Windows live chat support team will help you to remove Windows Live Messenger from your Windows computer. For more, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

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