Monday, August 4, 2014

Many Small And Medium Businesses And Users Still Clinging On To XP

Windows XP, developed by the world’s largest software manufacturer, has been removed from the list of supported products recently. This means that there is no use in calling Windows support number, as you will not get any official support for issues with Windows XP.

Apart from the inability to avail technical assistance on Windows support number, you will not receive any security packages for XP too. This indicates that your Windows XP system lays exposed to hackers, who may exploit the security vulnerability.

This is old news, something that happened more than three months ago, but it has hardly made any difference to some Small and Medium scale businesses. These companies are still using the 13-year-old operating system. Let us analyze some reasons why these users are still clinging on to this outdated operating system and look upon the challenges posed when running an unsupported system.

Migration issues

Many businesses are so accustomed to and familiar with Windows XP that it is difficult to change their various applications, services, and operations that depend on Windows XP for smooth functioning. Some applications may function properly only in Windows XP. Preparing new applications that run on newer operating systems can be costly and tedious, where the migration itself is a hefty task.

Software support

Agreed, some small and medium businesses rely heavily on software applications written specifically for Windows XP. That fact should not be a deterrent for switching to better and advanced systems. They need to look at the long-term benefits of upgrading to newer operating systems, rather than stubbornly living in the past. As they have to upgrade anyhow – whether they like it or not – why not do it immediately.

Windows 7 offers a Windows XP mode that runs a virtual image of XP to run legacy applications you are familiar with. Even Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 platforms provide certain facilities that allow old programs to run smoothly.

Hardware Support

Most hardware vendors do not waste time, money, and effort in developing drivers for older applications that run on an unsupported operating system. So, even from the hardware angle, it is best to move on and switch to newer systems.


This is the biggest challenge Windows XP users have to face. Microsoft has abandoned Windows XP and with no support, hackers will be hovering like vultures to pounce on the dead Windows XP OS system. No matter how strong you make you system with third-party security systems; it may not suffice the task. Even many security firms have stopped providing updates that product Windows XP from new malicious codes.

So, if you are clinging on to Windows XP, better get ready to face all the challenges mentioned above. But as said, upgrading to another platform is the only way out.

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