Friday, June 6, 2014

What Is New In Microsoft Office 2013?

When it comes to business applications, what you cannot miss is Microsoft Office. It is one of the best business application software available in the world. It is widely being used by professionals and students around the world. The Office program includes many applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access and lot more. All these applications are designed to make your business run smoother and efficient. 

Over the years, Microsoft has released several versions of MS Office and the latest in this category is Office 2013. This updated version of the program includes numerous features about which we will discuss in detail below. First, let us find out the features that are absent in Office 2013, which we have been able to find in its predecessors. 

Removed programs

Microsoft Picture Manager, Microsoft Clip Organizer, chart styles, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace etc. are some of the programs that we no longer have in the Suite. 

Added features

With Office 2013, we can find new animations in Word and Excel programs. The graphical additions to Word will help users acquire a fresh feeling while using the program. You can find visualization while scheduling tasks in Outlook. The Start screen also looks much different with Office 2013. When it comes to PowerPoint, you will find numerous new designs for slides and new animation options. With Office 2013, you can now integrate your online accounts for SkyDrive, Yammer and Skype with the program. 


The different editions of Office 2013 available are Professional, Professional Plus, Home & Business, Home & Student and Standard. 

Standard Edition

This edition of the Suite includes Outlook, which was unavailable in the previous versions. You can purchase the Standard edition only with licensing channels. 

Home & Business Edition

Like the Standard Edition, the Home & Business has a new addition to it, Microsoft Outlook.

Home & Student

This is one of the most popular versions and this version the programs, PowerPoint, Excel and Word in it. They are available for purchase through retail outlets. 

Professional Edition

In addition to the major applications, the Professional edition has programs like Access, Publisher and Outlook in it. 

Professional Plus Edition

Some of the important applications of Professional Plus edition are PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Excel, Word, Lync and InfoPath. 

These are some of the most important changes, which you will come across in Microsoft Office 2013. Choose your edition of the Suite according to your requirements.

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