Friday, June 6, 2014

Repairing Error 800401f3 In Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is one of the most widely used instant messaging services. Developed by Microsoft, the program is compatible to run on Windows, iOS, Java, as well as Symbian platforms. Some of the interesting features in Windows Live Messenger include its inbuilt album viewer, social networks integration options, offline messaging, and compatibility with several games and applications. For any issues regarding this messaging application, you can contact the Windows Live technical support team anytime.

Sometimes, you may get error messages in the messenger application that restricts you from accessing the program. Most likely, you will get the error message in Windows Live Messenger saying “Error 800401f3: The service is temporarily unavailable.” According to the Windows Live technical support team, this error usually occurs when the Windows Reside utility cannot connect with the services it demands to operate. Yet sometimes, the internet connectivity errors can also trigger the error.

You can use the following instructions to fix such error messages in Windows Live Messenger.

Steps to follow
  • First, ensure that you have the correct login details for your account. Then, check if there is any issue with the Internet connection.
  • Sometimes, the antivirus or firewall program installed in your computer can also block the connection of Windows Live to the internet. Disable the virus protection on your computer and check if that is the reason for the error in the application.
  • After you have checked all the above aspects and verified that they are not causing the issues, try reinstalling Windows Reside on your computer. For this, click on Start, followed by Control Panel and then click on the Add / Remove Programs option.
Reinstalling the application will ensure that all of the files & settings the software needs to operate are replaced, and will help your computer to run the application smoothly. As stated by the Windows live technical support team, you should also use a registry cleaner system to scan through your PC. It would help to repair any of the damaged or corrupted settings in the computer, which could be causing issues in the Windows Live Messenger application.

These steps can help you in successfully fixing error messages in Windows Live Messenger service. To get more information on the features in this messaging application, feel free to contact our Windows tech support team.

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