Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Microsoft Had Plans To Integrate Kinect With Xbox, Says Ledbetter

According to a latest report, Microsoft had plans of integrating Kinect into Xbox. However, later the plan was dropped and Kinect was released only as an option for Xbox One users. According to the hardware designer of Xbox, Carl Ledbetter, “Microsoft had toyed with the idea of building Kinect into the Xbox One itself.” He added, “We pushed ourselves, can we put it all in one? Is that going to work? And the technology just isn’t there yet. As soon as you have something much bigger than the Kinect sensor people don’t want to put it by the TV, it’s too big.”

However, when Microsoft released Xbox without Kinect built into the device, Ledbetter did not seem to be sad. He says, “It’s all designed together, it’s holistic. And in the version that consumers can buy that doesn’t include Kinect, it still all works”. Also, “And so I think I share the same opinion that everybody does that by having more choice for the consumer, and a new point of entry for them, it’s great.”

Microsoft had released Xbox One in November, 2013, and has sold millions of devices since then. Xbox One will allow users to play games both offline and online. This means, you can simply use the device to play games from the disc or compete with your friends online. Since the device is portable, you can take the device with you to any location and start playing your favorite games from the disc.

According to Microsoft chat, Xbox Live is a place where you can find games and apps for the device. If you choose to become the gold member of Xbox Live, then you will have the privilege of accessing the features of Xbox One and its predecessor Xbox 360. Xbox One offers numerous personalization options. You can customize the settings of the device and decide how data ought to be used with the device and make use of various privacy settings for the best security.

By using Kinect, users can start interacting with their Xbox console without the help of a game controller. The most important feature of this device is that users can use spoken commands or gestures for interacting with the device. With numerous features added with Xbox One, keeping Kinect as an option will in no way disappoint customers. In addition, according to Microsoft chat support, users can add Kinect to their device as and when they wish.

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