Sunday, June 29, 2014

Microsoft To Make Windows 8 Desktop-Friendly, But Return Of Start Menu Delayed

Rumours about the return of Start Menu to Windows 8 have been spreading since soon after the release of Win 8 in October 2012. Many anticipated that the Start button would be returned with Win 8.1, an update Microsoft released a year after the release of its first Win 8 family operating system. Although Win 8.1 added some new features, including a crippled version of the Start button, it wasn’t the palatable one that many had been waiting for.

Nevertheless, rumours continued to spread, this time indicating that the Start button would be returned with the upcoming Win 8.1 Update 2, which is slated for August, 2014. But a recent report released by signals that the upcoming update would not have the old favourite feature. If reports are true, Microsoft would return the Start button to Win 8, via its update in 2015.

Microsoft demonstrates Start menu in Build 2014 developer conference

What has been adding fodder for rumours about the return of Start button in the 2014 Win 8.1 Update 2 was the demonstration of Start menu in the Build 2014 developer’s conference organized by Microsoft. In the conference, the software giant revealed its plan to introduce a new Start menu and some classic features in order to shrink the distance between the modern Windows interface and the traditional Windows interface. Microsoft had been receiving bulks of flaks for the introduction of the controversial Metro UI. Sources privy to Microsoft say that the company had finalised rolling out these features in its Win 8.1 Update 2 in August 2014. But some technical issues has forced to prolong it to the next update which will probably happen in the mid of 2015.

Microsoft plans to modify Win 8.1 desktop users

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Microsoft has not forgotten its desktop legacy. It is working on multiple projects to make Win 8.1 more palatable for desktop users. In fact, Microsoft has had a tough time convincing desktop users to migrate to Windows 8 family operating systems. The modern features the operating system featured didn’t really intrigue many, especially the desktop users. The software giant has very well realized its faults and is working on plans to make the operating system more efficient for non-touch screen devices such as desktops and laptops.

It is not clear whether Microsoft would return Start button to Win 8.1 or Windows Threshold, the upcoming Windows version. Nevertheless, we can hope for a more convenient Windows operating system for desktops sooner than later.

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