Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stopping Synchronization Of Outlook 2007

The popular email client employed by millions of people worldwide for business as well as for personal uses is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite and it offers a plenty of utilities to the customers. By using Microsoft Outlook, you can easily send and receive emails with your friends and family, and set up and schedule appointments using the calendar utility. Other features offered by the Microsoft Outlook application are task manager, calendar, web browsing, journal and note taking. Moreover, Outlook also provides an easy synchronization feature.

By synchronizing the updated information from the program to all the configured devices, it is possible to reduce the tension associated with setting up the email account in the secondary computers and in updating devices. It is possible to manually remove the device that is not needed for the synchronization from the list. According to the official Microsoft Support site, this can be done from the sending and receiving settings of the program and by using this, you can manually remove all the devices and computers from synchronization.

Your offline folders will not be synchronized if you turned off the automatic synchronization and it will be synchronized only if you have manually activated it. Well, given below are some easy instructions to stop synchronization of Outlook 2007.

  • From the bottom right corner of your Windows taskbar, you need to click the Windows Start button. From the Windows Start menu, you need to select the option labeled All Programs, then Microsoft Office and finally Outlook 2007. This will open the Microsoft Outlook application in your computer. 
  • From the top of the Outlook program menu, you need to click the menu called Tools and from the sub menu that appears, click Options. From the top of the window named Options, you need to select the option called Mail Setup.
  • Uncheck the box that is seen adjacent to the option named Perform an automatic send/receive when exiting in the section labeled Send/Receive Groups by moving your mouse cursor towards the Send/Receive option seen in the section named Mail setup.
  • Once it is done, you need to click the button called Close and to save the changes that you have made, you need to click the button called OK. After that, exit from all the opened windows. 
  • Finally, restart your Computer.
The above-described instructions given by the Outlook support team will help you to stop the Outlook 2007 synchronization. For further queries on Outlook problems, contact the Outlook support number. The Outlook support number will be able to help you in solving all relevant Outlook problems.

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