Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How To Change Font And Icon Sizes

Microsoft Outlook is an email client program that was developed by software giant Microsoft as part of their MS Office suite of applications. The email program is widely used by professionals and individuals alike due to the many utilities that come with it. In addition MS outlook also has tools like calendar, notes, journals, contact management and many others to help manage your day. Outlook ensures you never miss out on deadlines, meetings and other important dates. You could copy your Outlook contacts onto a storage media by exporting it into the media, plug in to any other computer with outlook and send emails to your accounts. Other useful amenities in MS outlook include scheduling tasks and instant messaging.

One of the best features in Outlook is the ability to personalize your account. As newer computers offer higher resolutions it might become necessary to adjust the size of fonts and icons to have a more comfortable and compact view of your account and its tools.

Instructions to change Font and icon sizes on Windows XP
  • Right click on the desktop and click on Personalize in the context menu.
  • Select Settings and choose Advanced.
  • Click on the Custom DPI to change the sizes of fonts and icons.
Instructions to change Font and icon sizes on Windows Vista
  • Right click on any vacant spot on your desktops and click on Personalize. Now choose Tasks.
  • Click on the Adjust Font Size option and then click on Continue. Type in the administrative user name and password to make the changes across the system.
  • Now select the option Custom DPI. Proceed to decrease the sizes of the fonts and icons by lowering the percentage. You can choose any according to your preferences.
Instructions to change Font and icon sizes on Windows 7
  • First right click on any vacant spot on your Windows 7 desktop and then click on the Screen Resolution option.
  • Choose the option labeled Make Texts and Other Items Larger or Smaller.
  • Click on the Set Custom Text Size option and type in a smaller percentage in order to change the font and icon sizes.
If you want any Outlook help check up on the outlook help menu for help topics. Search for the help topics most relevant to your queries or issues and follow through the instructions that appear. For more severe issues contact our customer support service where our technical agents will assist you with fixing them.

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