Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Filtering Spam Mail With SpamSieve

Do you use the MS Outlook email program? Are you tired of having a lot of spam mail cluttering your inbox on a daily basis? Then you should add the SpamSieve add-in to your Outlook account. The SpamSieve program makes sure to filter all the spam mail that gets sent to your account. It does this by comparing the address from which it was sent.

If the address in the spam mail does not match any addresses stored in your contact list then it automatically marks it as spam and moves it to the spam folder. When you install the SpamSieve program, the first thing that you should do is have the program go through your entire contact list and update itself to check for mails from unnamed sources. Click on the Load button so that the SpamSieve program can load all the contacts in Outlook into its personal library.

However there is a slight drawback to this program. If you were expecting a mail from someone who was not present in your contacts list, then their mail will be also considered as spam. Plus each time you add a new address to your Outlook address book you must update the SpamSieve library as well. Clicking on Load will do the trick. In case you delete a person’s contact from your Outlook address book, then you must press the Options button when clicking the Load button. This will ensure that the SpamSieve library does not have old and useless contacts. Remember not to click Load while the Entourage or Outlook program is downloading and filtering emails, as this may cause the program to freeze.

If you opt for Exclude my address deselected for the Mac OS X address book’s Me card then they will not be checked against the Outlook or Entourage address book. This is useful in preventing forged spam from making through.

You could also have SpamSieve load multiple identities in a sequence. Click on Load and once it finishes loading all the contacts in one email identity, just change the Identity and click on Load again.

In addition you also get sync services. Earlier before the release of the Mac OS X 10.8 both Entourage and Outlook could synchronize address books with system address books using Sync Services. This meant that you did not have to load the addresses from Entourage and Outlook. The SpamSieve program is extremely beneficial in filtering out spam mail from your inbox and helps keep the inbox and in a neat and orderly fashion, without letting it get stuffed with spam mail.

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