Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guidelines For Boosting The Virtual Memory In Windows

Every computer comes coupled with a RAM. The RAM present in one system may not be the same in the other due to configuration differences. Basically, the machine having the higher RAM will have a skyrocketing performance in comparison to lower RAM machines. To avail higher RAM memory, it can lead to you shelling out a substantially higher amount of money. Altering the virtual memory can have an effect on the performance of the system and it can be increased readily with ease.

By following the below mentioned Windows help guidelines, the virtual can be gradually boosted with ease and efficiency.

Steps to follow
  • From the Windows taskbar, access the Windows Start menu by clicking the Start button and the Windows Start menu will appear on screen. From the menu, choose Control Panel. When the window of Control Panel appears on screen, choose System and Maintenance and select System. Choose System from the Control Panel if the Classic view is used rather than the Category view.
  • From the left side, choose Advanced System Settings. If asked, type in the administrator password.
  • From the dialog box of System Properties, choose the tab by the name Advanced. From the section of Performance, choose the button called Settings and a dialog box by the name Performance Options will appear on screen.
  • Choose the Advanced tab and from the section of Virtual Memory, now choose the Change button and another dialog box will appear.
  • A check box can be seen corresponding to Automatically Manage Paging File Size For All Drives. Un-check the check box corresponding to Automatically Manage Paging File Size For All Drives.
  • From the Drive section, choose the Windows OS contained drive.
  • From the dialog box of Virtual Memory, below Total Paging File Size For All Drives, the values for Recommended and Currently Allocated can be seen. Make a note of the values.
  • Choose the option by the name Custom size and the Recommended Value should be entered or for boosting the virtual memory, a value greater than Currently Allocated value should be typed in. 
  • To exit from the dialog boxes, choose either the Cancel button or the OK button.
By following the above mentioned Windows help guidelines, the virtual memory can be easily boosted. If professional help is required with boosting the virtual memory, you may contact our customer support center.

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