Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Know More On Microsoft Outlook Help

Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive tool that enables users to manage their emails, calendar, tasks, contacts and many more in one place.

Power Of Integration

One of the important selling points of Outlook is its seamless integration between the different Outlook tools, as well as some other Microsoft products. For example, if you receive an email message and would like to follow-up on it at a later time, you can just flag the email message for follow-up. This will automatically add this email message to the Task list. The users can also tie the Outlook program into some other Microsoft products like Microsoft SharePoint. You will be able to sync the Outlook Tasks lists and calendars with the SharePoint. The Outlook help tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the features of the Outlook program.

Email Management

Outlook program is used by many for email management. Whether you are interested in the basics of sending and receiving email messages or want to know how to create filters or to make rules to help you automatically organize the email messages, ensure that you go through this guide’s wide range of email management topics.

Calendar Management

This keeps track of your schedule and helps you to easily schedule appointments and meetings with other users through the Outlook program’s calendar management tool.

Managing Tasks & To-Do Lists

This keeps track of the tasks that you need to finish, set the due dates and reminders through the Task Management tool of the Outlook program.

Managing Contacts

Users can make use of the contacts area to keep track of the people you know and all the data about them. You may also use the address book feature of the Outlook program to look up contact information for the people throughout the university.

Points To Be Noted
  • If you flag an email for follow up, the email message will be automatically added to the task list.
  • If you email to a group regularly, you can make a contacts group that will help you to simply type the name of the group in the Compose email window and the Outlook program will send out the email to all the people in the list.
  • Users can make a separate vacation message for external recipients and internal recipients. 
If you have any more doubts on using the Outlook program, you can contact the Outlook help and support team.

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