Monday, February 10, 2014

Transferring Outlook Emails To Another Computer

If you use the Outlook email client to manage your email accounts, calendars and address book, you may need to move your Outlook files and folders to another computer. This can be needed after a computer upgrade or you may need to access files on more than one computer. The Outlook email setup steps to do this are explained below.

  • Turn on your PC and click on the Windows Start button to reach the Start menu. Click on Run and type in Control Panel into the Run window. You can then click on the OK button and the Control Panel window will open. 
  • Locate the item labeled Mail and then double click on it to open the Mail Setup window. You can then click on Show Profiles and then double click on the Outlook profile from the list. 
  • Click on the Data Files button and the Account Settings window will be opened under the Data Files tab. 
  • Choose Personal folder from the list and then click on Settings that is located under the tab Names. You can take down the path that is listed next to the Filename. This is the location where your Outlook PST file is saved. 
  • You may click on the Compact Now button to decrease the size of the PST file. You can skip this step, but the PST file can be large. After doing this step, click on the OK button to close the window. 
  • Open Windows Explorer and type in the path that you have noted down. After locating the file, you can right-click on the file name and select Copy from the options. Paste this copied file to a location from where you can find it easily. The easiest method is to paste the file directly to a removable media like a USB drive. 
  • Move the PST file to the new computer in which you need to relocate the Outlook data. If you have used a removable device, this will be an easy task of plugging the device to the new computer. If you do not have a removable device, you can send the file as an email attachment or you may burn it to a DVD or CD. 
  • Open Outlook in the new computer and then click on the File menu. From the File options, select Import And Export. Select the option Import from Another Program or File and click on the Next button. 
  • Click the Personal Folder File and then on Next. Type in the path of the PST file that you need to import and select Browse to find the file. Choose one of the three options and then press Next. 
  • Select the topmost folder in the hierarchy and click Finish to complete the steps. 
These are the Outlook email setup steps to import data in Outlook from one PC to other.

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