Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and oldest email manager program in the market now. The program was first released by Microsoft in 1997, many versions of Outlook were released after that, making considerable changes in the program engine and the user interface of the program. Outlook 2010 is the most popular and latest version available for users. Here we discuss how a user can configure his/her Outlook 2010 program for managing the emails by using the apt Outlook email setup guidelines.

If you work in a corporate environment, it is better to configure the Outlook client by making use of the Microsoft Exchange Server or if you are using the program to manage your personal emails, you can configure the program to make use of a POP3 or IMAP server for using the program to manage your email account. Since Outlook 2010 is the most popular version of the Outlook program available now, we discuss here how you could configure the email client.

After you have installed the program on your computer by following the Outlook email setup prompts, you will need to activate the program for using it effectively and for getting support from Microsoft for fixing the issues that arise in the program. Launch the Outlook program and then click on the Account Settings tab found under the File menu for configuring an email.

You will be redirected to a new page where the software will ask you to input all the necessary details for configuring a new email account in the Outlook program like email address, password, type of email you would like to configure etc. If you are using the auto setup process, all the server details will be provided automatically using the Microsoft Exchange Server.

However, there is also an option to setup your email in Outlook using POP3 or IMAP, for doing it, you must select the option for manually configuring the application. After you select the option, the Outlook client will now ask you to select the type of account you would like to setup from the drop down menu.

If you have selected the POP3 technology as the type of email, you will have to get the server settings of the email service provider. Only if you have the correct server settings, will you be able to manage your emails effectively.

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