Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Microsoft To Release Skype For Outlook.Com Users

Skype is a popular instant messaging service that is in the ownership of the software giant Microsoft now. Over the little time after the company has taken control of the instant messaging client, they have integrated their popular Windows Live messenger program with the Skype messenger. Now we hear better news from Microsoft, they are planning to integrate the Skype program with their legendary Outlook email service. Skype will be one of the best Microsoft Outlook tools that is in use now.

With this new integration, there will not be any need for installing of the Skype program on your system to make calls with your friends on Skype if you have an Outlook.com account. The new integration of the Skype program with the Microsoft Outlook gives it a competitive edge over the Gmail email service provided by the company’s arch rival Google. The Outlook email service has a vast user base, which is mainly due to the infusion of the Hotmail email service from Microsoft. However with the integration of Outlook with Skype, Skype also benefits, as the instant messaging program will be getting over 400 million users overnight.

Even though Microsoft is planning to strengthen Outlook by integrating more Microsoft Outlook tools to the program, it is sad to admit that Google is still the leader in the industry. There is nothing that Google needs to worry with the integration of Skype to Outlook program, as they do have their Hangouts. Even though Hangouts does not have the call quality and dependability of the Skype program, it is a wonder why people prefer Google to Microsoft services.

In a recent blog post from Microsoft, they have published the findings of a new research survey from them stating that about 76 percent of people who chat with their clients have indicated that they will need to make a video call or phone call with the client on explaining their product to the clients. Well it will be a great advantage for the Outlook users as they now have the integration of Skype program in the email service, as they will be able to make calls easily from the instant messaging client.

However, at present, the integration feature is available in only selected countries like U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Brazil and Canada. We can hope that Microsoft will make the integration default all over the world very soon.

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