Monday, March 18, 2013

Guidelines To Resolve The 421 Error In Outlook Express

Outlook Express is one of the best email client application developed by the Microsoft help and support experts. This is a very useful and user-friendly application. However, errors do occur in Outlook Express and when they do, we need to be ready. By default, Microsoft Exchange server does not entertain connections through POP3. In this case, the user won’t be able to send or receive emails, and the connection would be rejected by the server. Depending on the versions, the error message may vary, but the error number will be displayed as “Server Error: 421”. Let’s see how we can resolve an error as and when it appears.

Instructions to fix Outlook Express errors

In order to resolve such errors, you need to set the server’s number of connections to a higher value. Now follow the instructions given below.
To start with, you need to open the Microsoft Exchange server Administrator utility. Please be advised that the utility access path differs depending on the process required to configure the Exchange server.
As soon as you locate the Exchange server window, you need to open the same. Now you need to navigate to the left pane.
From the left pane, locate the option labeled “Connections”. While you are at it, make certain that it pertains to the server you need to manage.
To advance to the next step, you need to locate the option labeled “Internet Mail Service”. This is normally fixed on the right pane of the window. Click on the same when you get there.
Another dialogue box is displayed immediately. This is the “Properties” dialogue box. In order to resolve the Outlook Express errors of such intensity, you need to locate the option labeled “Connections”.
Next off, you need to locate the option labeled “Advanced” and click on the same. The Configuration dialogue box is displayed immediately.
Locate the option labeled “Max No. of Inbound Connections”. Now change the number value to a higher number. For instance, change the number to 100 and see if the issue gets solved.
The idea is to increase the number until the issue is resolved. To save the changes, simply close the “Exchange Server Administrator “.
Hope the above instructions were helpful in resolving the error “421”. For additional help, contact the Outlook express help and support.

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