Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Support Offered For Outlook Express

Microsoft has launched several applications, among which Outlook Express, the email as well as news group software, was introduced awhile back. It was included in earlier versions of Windows, like Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Different versions of Internet Explorer had this program bundled inside, and it could be downloaded from the Microsoft website. If you are trying to get it installed, you need to have Windows XP SP2 on your computer. Outlook Express is not quite common nowadays, as it’s been replaced by Windows Live Mail. But if you wish to avail Windows Online support for Outlook Express, it is possible.

Importance of Outlook Express

Outlook Express is unique when the features are considered, and it helps to merge the newsgroup accounts as well as the email. If you have installed Outlook Express on your computer, everyone in a group or family can use it, as it is possible to use various identities on a single installed program. Privacy is ensured to each group, using password protection.

Uses of Outlook Express

The email programs can be managed in an easy manner ways. Outlook Express helps to satisfy the needs of computer users by using the Windows interface. It is possible to read emails and download them from email accounts protocols like POP or IMAP. It also makes it possible to access email accounts from Yahoo as well as Hotmail.

What makes Outlook Express unique?

People using Outlook Express would find it easier to create a new email message and send it using from the configured email address. Outlook Express enables the user to draft a message and leave it on the server. It also helps to send and receive email messages from other email accounts. This is an email application that can run in the background. It provides notifications regarding the arrival of new email messages in the email account. The email messages can be sorted according to sender, date, subject and other categories. They can also be grouped in folders depending upon the subject. You can even import various kinds of data like the address book, email and even settings from different email programs.


  • Outlook Express helps you to avoid unwanted risk, as it monitors for junk mail stringently. 
  • It provides protection against viruses in attachments.
  • Simple archiving technique.
  • Simple user interface.

If you have any further queries about the features of this program, kindly contact Windows online support for assistance.

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