Monday, February 18, 2013

Fix Starting Problems In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Express in an email client program developed by Microsoft Corporation for use in the computer system that runs on its Windows operating system. It comes with the MS Office suite and can be used to handle multiple email accounts and even a unique calendar program to store and share data files worldwide. Because of its user friendly interface and facility to organize email and contacts, Outlook express is used by many to store important files.
Outlook problems are noticed when you will not be able to access your account or the files and programs may be corrupted. Sometimes you may not be able to start the Outlook program unless you restart your computer system. If you are faced with such a situation, you will need to perform a reset scan in Outlook that might fix the issue. Cleaning a few files in Outlook is also another option in hand.
If you are a first-time Outlook Express user and do not have any idea how to actually get started with the process, here are the help tips that you can follow.
Steps to Follow
First, close the Outlook Express program so that the calendar and email account is closed.
Click on the Start menu located on the bottom of the screen or directly hit the Windows key on your keyboard. This will display the Windows menu on the screen.
Select the Run option and type in outlook/resetfolders in the Run field space provided.
Hit the Enter key and this will initiate the folders resetting process in the computer. Besides resetting, any corrupted and damaged hidden files in the Outlook folders will be removed by this process. Again, got to the Start menu and click on Run icon. Copy-paste or type in outlook/cleanreminders in the Run field space and click the Enter button.
Avoid pressing any key on the keyboard so that the scan process is successfully done without any interference.
After the scan processes are complete, go to the Start menu again and restart the computer. Launch the Microsoft Outlook Express and see that the files and folders in it are running without any issue.
These simple steps will fix the Outlook problems associated with the program files and folders. The Outlook tech support site will provide you with additional tips if you need.

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