Sunday, July 13, 2014

Microsoft Includes Useful Features In Outlook

Microsoft has introduced several interesting options in Outlook to ensure that users get a more convenient emailing experience. These useful features include more advanced rules, new undo options, as well as in-line reply functionality. The latest additions have been introduced keeping in mind the huge popularity of the email application among users.

Outlook is termed as one of the most preferred email programs mainly due to the advanced and convenient options the application comprises of. Adding to the amazingly user-friendly email options, Outlook also serves as an excellent personal information manager for the users. This makes it easier for most of them to store all their personal and contact data in this email program securely. Now, with such interesting features, the usage of email in Outlook is definitely going to increase.

Let us take a look into the updated features that Microsoft has added to Outlook.

Advanced Rules
  • With the new Advanced Rules, users now have more controls to keep a check on how their email in Outlook are sorted, filed, and moved within the application. Users will be able to create multi-condition, multi-action rules.
  • This feature also includes options for users to do several other functions such as checking the time constraints, tallying of emails and checking read/unread email state, etc.
Undo option
  • Next is the Undo option, which Microsoft had added to primarily simplify undo options in a range of commands. With this, the users can undo mistakes made while accidentally deleting, categorizing, flagging or marking as junk.
  • For this option, Outlook users will require clicking the Undo button, or entering Ctrl+Z.
In-Line reply option
  • Microsoft has also included in-line reply option for the Outlook users. With this option, the users can easily respond to email threads without launching a new view of the message.
According to sources, the addition of these three sets of new features for the Outlook users will continue for some time. As far as the updates are concerned, Microsoft executives said the company is beginning to update its OneDrive for Business. There’s an array of interesting features and these include options like Simple Controls, Site Folders, and smarter Search.

It can be said that Microsoft is now leaving no stone unturned to revive its customer base and thus, regain its supremacy in the tech-field. By launching such frequent updates, the company is all set to provide stiff competition to its counterparts.

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