Friday, July 11, 2014

Fix Outlook Not Responding Problem

Microsoft Outlook is the best email management program developed to reduce the burden of organizing emails. There are so many useful features that if you do not know much about Outlook, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the sheer variety and number of features. If you can utilize the complete caliber of the email application, then it can make things extremely convenient for you. It is also designed to perform the function of a connectivity tool for other software or hardware products. More third party tools mean more chances of instability in the Outlook program. If the third party driver/s is poorly designed then more system resources will be utilized. When this happens regularly, Outlook may not be handle it as it stability will be disturbed. This is when you see Outlook not working or Outlook not responding errors or problem. This is extremely irritating especially if you were doing something really important. If such a thing happens, you can shut down the third party software that is affecting the Outlook program. This happens probably because these third party programs may be operating simultaneously with the email client.

Microsoft Outlook provides the ability to integrate add-ins for the purpose of enhancing its performance. But, a high number of problematic add-ins may cause conflict since these programs are running simultaneously. This is one of the main reasons why the email client crashes. When Microsoft Outlook is causing such problems, the best approach would be to disable the add-in and check whether the issue persists. If it’s resolved, then obviously that particular add-in was the cause of the problem. Otherwise, you try disabling other add-in software and check if there is any difference.

Another problem that may be causing Outlook not working or Outlook not responding is when you Outlook inbox is full or loaded with lots of incoming emails. When the inbox is full, it takes more time to load Outlook. So the obvious thing to do is relocate Inbox emails to new sub-folders. This can be easily done by using the auto-archive feature provided by Microsoft Outlook.

Sometimes, the culprit can be your anti-spam or anti-virus software. Of course they have an important role to keep your data or system secure from malicious threats. Some anti-virus programs may be too strict, or may not be functioning properly. They may block attachments or add-ins, causing the Outlook not responding problem. You can make the required settings in the anti-virus or ant-spamming software to make the add-ins compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010.

If even this does not fix the problem you can call your technician to resolve the Outlook problem.

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