Monday, November 18, 2013

Password Protection In Outlook

The features and functions that are present in the Outlook program are used to a great extent by its users. These features and functions come of great importance while performing various day to day tasks. So when working with your Outlook program, it should be always protected so that no one can access your personal and sensitive data. It is a must to password protect your Microsoft Outlook program. Password protection can be done easily in a few steps and by following the below provided Outlook help guidelines.


  • Launch Microsoft Outlook that is installed in your system, from the different menus that are available, choose the GO menu and then choose the Folder list.
  • If a POP3 email account is available with you, the Personal Folders option has to be right clicked. Choose Properties. If you have HTTP email accounts, the folder corresponding to your email provider has to be right clicked. Choose Properties.
  • The tab by the name General has to be selected. Now, choose Advanced. The Change Password option has to be selected.
  • A password of your choice has to be entered. Make sure that you enter a strong password that cannot be cracked easily. It has to be entered again for verification purposes. The Save This Password In Your Password List check box has to be un-checked.
  • The OK button has to be clicked consecutively for three times and the Outlook password is now successfully created.
  • Now in order to check the effectiveness of the Outlook password protection, type in the correct password and click OK. Now you will gain access to the Outlook program.
  • To check if the process is complete, exit from Outlook, launch it again, enter the wrong password, and click OK. You Have Entered A Wrong Password message will appear on screen and you will not gain access to Outlook.

By following these Outlook help tips, Microsoft Outlook can be password protected and all your data will be safe. It is always advisable to make a note of the password and keep it in a secure location so that no one can access it. If anyone gets access, they can access Outlook and retrieve all the relevant information and documents. If you have any trouble following the guidelines, you may contact our customer support desk and address your problems.

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