Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How To Set Up An Email Account In Windows 8

Communication by means of email messages is gaining much importance these days as compared to earlier decades. Furthermore, it provides greater flexibility when compared to other mediums of communication. Microsoft has provided email support in all versions of its operating system. In the new version Windows 8, an integrated email support has been provided.

With the new Metro Interface, it is easy for you to manage the messaging facility. However, the Metro interface Start screen in Windows 8 has its own disadvantages as well. You can switch to the Windows Live mail in case you do not need to use the integrated email support in Windows 8 OS.

Configuring Email using Windows 8 support utility

  • Create an account with the Windows Live ID. After opening the account, log in to Windows. Launch the Windows Metro interface screen and choose the Mail icon.
  • The screen displays three panes. The left pane displays the accounts and the right pane shows the Hotmail calendar including the alert messages. You can see the messages in the centre pane. Add a new account using the Settings charm. Use your finger and move the cursor to the top right of the screen. Alternatively, press the Windows key along with C. Select Settings and again choose Accounts.
  • The screen will show up a new pane. You need to tap ‘Add an account and type in the needed details of your new account’.
  • Now, choose the type of account you need. Enter by typing the email address and password of the account. Now, select Connect. If needed, you can start this process again to add multiple accounts. To delete an email account, wait for the Delete button after you tap and hold the icon.

Limited email accounts in Windows 8 OS

You can choose the App preview; however, with limited functions, it works with Gmail, Hotmail and Exchange account only. Moreover, it is not clearly stated if you could add other types of email accounts rather than theses accounts. If you are using other types of email accounts, you may find it hard to move on with these three email clients. You can choose the Windows Live mail utility in the desktop view in case you need to use the POP accounts.

You can also visit the Windows 8 support website to implement successful configuration of emails in the Windows 8 operating system. Or else, you can seek the help of our chat utility to set up the email account.

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